First and wasted. Because none can enjoy the better

First of all, Pollution has many faces, Air pollution, noise pollution and e.

t.c. Pollution is not just simple and dangerous but also it can be deadly for entire living things. There are much more disadvantages and real risks that we take because of the Pollution. We put our life at risk but also we cause to be harmful for other living creatures on this planet. It was reported and said by World Health Organisation (WHO) recently some months ago, that more than 30% people become victims of Lung cancer due to  Air Pollution, more than 20% become victims of Stroke due to Air pollution and more 25% become victims of Heart diseases due to once again Air Pollution. It seems that we are killing not just Humans but also hurting the life of aquatic habitants, atmospheric and as well as terrestrial habitats just because of Some Money for own country! For better development of our future! We can’t get better future killing and doing harm living creatures like that! There are many other ways that any country can get better future, better development, better industrial works e.t.

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c. we don’t think that whatever we do for our better future of the country and its development if we don’t be healthy and secure and don’t maintain good atmosphere and don’t maintain our health and as well as don’t care of our health then these all work hard would be gone into the water and wasted. Because none can enjoy the better future if they don’t be healthy and have better health. We should do those things which are better for own country and but also for others that is the way we can live in Peace, secure atmosphere and see better future too. There is the only matter of Greed if we do greed and say we want more money and just money and deny all other important things that are also essential for our daily life then I think we will not be able to succeed.

Yes it’s no doubt Money is our need of living better life but if we earn enough for better future and development then it’s better than losing other valuable things just because of the matter of the Greedness. One should not waste the money on wasteful things or without any strong and good reason. So, these are some points that I discussed and if we act on these then I think the Era will not be so far that will be called The Era of Peace, love, careful and Secure or The Heaven.