Final reason would be, Hinkley’s good behavior that is

Final Exam Essay Portion Tazeeb Raja  Essay 1   Not Guilty by reason of insanity” also known as NGRI basically means the dependent was not mentally stable enough while they committed the crime, to use personal judgement. There are many challenges that can be faced when predicting who will commit violent acts like letting someone get away with murder, not knowing if the person will commit the same crimes when he/she is released and not knowing if the treatment that is being received by the patient will be effective. “Research suggests that many people committed involuntarily do not respond well to therapy.

” (Comer, 2016) There are many reasons for using the “not guilty by reason of insanity” plea that I might give the judge and jury, as Hinkley’s attorney. One reason would be, Hinkley’s good behavior that is proven by “Hinckley’s successful completion of more than 80 visits over the past decade to Williamsburg.” (Hsu & Marimow, 2016) This helps indicate positive change in him. It also shows that he has self-control and is not a danger to others. Another reason would be, Hinkley’s was not in the right state of mind. He committed this crime, not out of hate but out of obsession for a woman, he was trying to impress.

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 “Many are concerned by the insanity defense because of the difference between law and human behavior, they fear that there is not enough scientific evidence to prove abnormal behavior so criminals are let loose.” (Comer, 2016) In the video, ” Psychiatry Exposed”, they stated a valid point about there being no medical or scientific tests to prove someone has a mental illness, so anyone can be labeled with a mental illness and get away with murder. It is too big of a risk to let a criminal escape when it is so easy to put a mental illness label on them.   Personally, I do not believe that NGRI is safe to use and I also don’t like the concept.

However, it is used less than 1 percent which is very rare and that is good to see but I do believe that there should be restrictions on where they can go and always be supervised and tracked if they do receive NGRI. Even if the person is mentally stable, I do not believe that anyone should get away with murder because they could be capable of anything.