Feng Research Proposal Title The working title for my

Feng Yin Instructor MyersESL 208926 January 2018ResearchProposalTitleThe working title for my research project is why we should support legal abortion toprotect women’s right.IntroductionAbortion has been one of the most divergence problems in Americanpolitics. During the past decades. The World Health Organization estimates thatworldwide 210 million women become pregnant each year and that about two-thirdsof them, or approximately 130 million, deliver live infants. The remainingone-third of pregnancies end in miscarriage, stillbirth, or induced abortion.(WHO)ResearchQuestionsWhy legal abortion can be approved worldwide?What effect will happen if women did not get abortion care?DiscussionGetting abortion is women’s own privilege and abortion is a fundamentalright guaranteed by the constitution. Abortion could prevent babies who should not be brought to the world.MethodologyI searched from multiple official website to get thedelicate data and statistics.

Purpose andGoalsThe purpose of this study was to support legal abortion. Thegoal of the study was to better emphasize the rationality of getting legal abortion.             WorksCitedMelling, Louise.

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