Family it doesn’t matter with the time.What matters most

      Family is the one who cheers you up when
you’re sad or lonely.The one who stand

beside you when you feel
that the world is against you.Then, how are you going to

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handle this if you’re
one the product of a broken family? How to take courage?


is not easy to feel incomplete and feeling unloved by your family.You keep on
asking why? why? You keep on blaming yourself  because of having a broken family thatmay let
you feel to do bad things in unexpected ways.That may cause some jealousy onto
someone who has a complete and happy family.


 As a person as one of this product to handle
this wasn’t easy. Takes time to accept the fact that you had what you have
right now.Takes time to heal your pure heart and innocent mind.The things that
may help you recover from this pain and situation is that; Acceptance and never
lose hope. Always remember that God never give you this pain just because he
wants.Instead,he gave you this for a purpose.To make you strong.


 Even if you keep on cursing youself or onto
someone you cannot still chnage the fact.The reality that you are a one of the
product of a broken family.Though,it sounds unfair and you feel so jealous
because of your situation right now.Just remember this “our greatest enemy is
ourselves”.Ourselves who creates envy and a feeling of being unfair.Don’t just
focus outside the box knows what’s inside of it.Just like don’t just focus on
the mistakes and lackness in your life.Be practical and open!


hard times comes to those who can overcome it.Like the saying says”time will
heal all kinds of  the wounds”.No, for me
it doesn’t matter with the time.What matters most is how you handle things,the
way you think and how you accept everything.



     Forgive,Forget and Accept. Forgive your
family if they didn’t give you your ideal or not ideal but a complete family
you’re wishing for.Forget the things that hurts you and bothers
you.Instead,take it as a challenge to take courage.Accept the fact that what
you wished for will not always be granted.Be thankful and grateful of what you
have right now.