Fair a house-wife or a beauty conscious lady. This

Fair and Lovely:
Fair and Lovely For the past many years fair and lovely advertisements have
been portraying fame and fortune related to fair and beautiful women. According
to them the key to success is the miraculous cream of fairness tube. And a 14
day experiment with tube is guaranteed to your lucky star. And the role of men
in our media is that of dominance, authority, while females have been portrayed
as passive and dominated by men. When top models paper in these ads, it implies
that intellect and in individuality are useless without a fair completion,
conveying a hazardous message to the young audience especially young girls.
It’s humiliating for women, as it clearly points out the discrimination on
basis of color.


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Aquafina’s commercial which had the one of the most famous celebrity couple on
air Fawad Khan and Mahira Khan. In this ad the makers have very beautifully
shown a woman’s role much more than a house-wife or a beauty conscious lady.
This ad tends to shows the transformation from a girl to a lady and lastly a
woman. The best part is that despite of showing woman they have not objectified
it, rather they’ve shown a woman as a very integral part of the society in a
very respectable manner.


Tutti Frutti by Ayesha Omer (Karachi se Lahore)

This song’s lyrics connote that how desperate the woman is
and ias if she is offering herself to men as an object by saying “Mai karari
hoon”, also telling that she is so flavorful, which is the main tagline of the
song’; “Aji tutti fruiti hoon main”.


KUNDI: (Wrong No.)

In this song Sohai


Zindagi Gulzar Hai:

The drama serial revolves around its female protagonist “Kashaf”, who is living
a life of misery, neglected by her father, living a hand-to-mouth life. Kashaf
since the beginning is a person who keeps complaining Allah for not blessing
her with enough but this lacking in her life makes her stronger as a person and
motivates her to work harder to achieve her goals. However, this serial shows woman
in an unconventional way. Kashaf being the lead protagonist is not shown
desperate for men or not always available to men. Hence she is a self-respected
woman with an aim of maintaining it at any cost. However, her character
transforms from being an unmarried to a married woman.

Episode 13:
In this conversation the handsome hunk Zaroon is engaged to his childhood
bestfriend, Asmara. They now in this conversation open-up to each other and we
see how hypocrite man is. Zaroon himself was a Casanova in his university life.
He when gets engaged, he expects his fiancée to not keep much interaction with
her female friends. On the contrary he himself is pretty frank to his female

In this particular episode, where we see Zaroon trying to convince Kashaf for
marriage is a must-watch-scene. Because he is trying to impress her, normally
this is not shown in her part.

In another episode we find out that after Kashaf and Zaroon get married, they
go for dinner and there they have a conversation where they exchange views. At
this point, we find Kashaf being very blunt and confident about her opinion.
She immediately says Zaroon to be a male-chauvinist when he talks about female being


After the recent feminist wave in cinema,
some Pakistani dramas also now have a lot to offer, away from those typical masala theme and plots.

Pakistani audience has past the stage of
Turkish wave of the innocent Fatima Gul
and flashy Ishq-e-mamnoon dramas, giving the drama industry the much needed
scope to groom. ­­The industry has something new to offer to the viewers – with
challenging new themes and storytelling.

Chup Raho was the story of a women Rameen, played by Sajal Ali,
who was subjected to sexual abuse by Numair 
(Jibran Syed) his brother in law. Rameen is forced to bear Numairs
brutal acts in silence in order to save her own ‘reputation’ and also her
sister, Manal’s (Arjumand Rahim) marriage.

Women in our society are pressurized into not speaking against
any injustice, and are rather expected to endure everything, is the reason why
Rameen doesn’t disclose everything in front of her sister Manual or her husband
Azar, (who is also Numairs cousin).

When she, after gathering courage she eventually decides to open
up to her husband about all the sexual advancements and attacks by Numair, he
reminds her that she is being whim (paranoid).