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Eyes are the most important part of our body. Through eyes, we can see this beautiful world, we can recognize Colours. If our eyes are beautiful then our face also attracts. But if the eyesight of our eyes diminishes, then we start to show less, the beauty of the face also gets faded. But nowadays, the most impact of the rushing and unhealthy life lies on the eyes. Increase in use of desktop and computer has increase eye weaknesses. That’s why every fifth person in the world has a problem of eye. Through the eyes, we can do all the tasks properly. That is why we need to take care of it properly. Due to working on a computer throughout the day, watching TV for a long time or studying for a long time, our eyes do not just tire, but the effect of stress can be seen. These yoga Sana and meditation technique will help you reduce eye burn and eye stress.PalmingSteps: sit in comfortable position. Push your palms against each other, keep palms on your closed eyes firmly and feel the heat spread.Benefit: It is a fast and easy way to relax, it improves blood circulation. Eye burn and eye stress can be healed with this exercise.BlinkingSteps: Keep your eyes open and sit comfortably. Blink Your Eyes 10 times at a rapid pace. Close your eyes for 20 seconds. Put your focus on your breath slowly. Repeat this exercise 5 times.Benefit: Reduce eye stress. Refresh your eyes.Eye RotationSteps: To do this rotation, sit down in Padma Sana with your head and spine. Lift the right fist with thumb facing upwards Keep your elbow straight while doing Focus your eyes on the thumb. Move your thumb Repeat this five times and do the same anti-clockwise for another five times Repeat the entire process.Benefit: It helps eyes to rest and protect them from disorders and diseases. This exercise is ideal for those who spend a lot of time in front of the Desktop/computer.Trakala aasanSteps: Sit in comfort or Padma Shana. Place a candle at about two feet from where you are sitting. Gaze on the flame without candlelight and blinking. You can count the numbers in your head to keep track of time and not to wobble on your mind. Watch as long as you can. The more you do, the betterBenefit: Doing this improves your concentration and vision. This eye yoga Sana lowers high myopic eye strengths.Bhastrika PranayamaSteps: Sit in Padma Sana with your spinal cord. Use your right thumb, close your right nostrils, breathe through force with your left nostril and breathe quickly. Do it 25 times while exercising you can feel the walls of your stomach. Make your last breath, long and deep, now, repeat the same procedure on your right nose with the left thumb closing the left nostril.Benefit: Bhastrika pranayama increases blood circulation in the head and improves vision. It also refreshes your physical and mental.Occasionally there is a complaint of tension in everyone’s eyes. The main reason for this is pollution, low light, long working on computers, lack of nutrition, mental stress etc. The second is to bring a close proximity to your eyes and read a book or paper. Keep things at least 10 inches distance away from the reading material. A basic need for beautiful healthy eyes is balanced food. In addition to catering and nutrition, there is another essential thing for the health of the eyes. Exercise for the eyes. Just a few minutes of light wholesome eye exercises strengthen the eyes muscles.Kapalbhati PranayamaSteps: Sit in a comfortable position. It can be Vajrasana or padmasana. If you are suffering from back pain, you can allow yourself to be supported by a wall. Close your eyes and keep your hands in a yoga posture. To start with the stomach, after a quick breathing exhalation, a breathing can take place, the initiator can put his hand on the stomach.Benefit: Clean your lungs and improve your circulation with this breathing exercise for better precision. This is a very powerful exercise that ensures you a better vision and a lot more. Inhalation is almost zero.SavasanaSteps: Lie down in the case of negligence. Increase your legs according to the level of your comfort. Rest your hands on both sides of the body, face-to-face palms. Close your eyes. To completely relax the body.Benefit: You should allow your body to rest after any workout session and the post-mortem pose is the ideal posture.