Everyone the less the actions of other individuals won´t

Everyone deals with problems on a daily basis it’s what you do to resolve the problem or the attempt you make to try to resolve it. You could do it the mature way or you could do it the less mature way. You should always stop and think what is the best way to approach the problem then you should act on the problem. In our day in society you would rather go the wrong way when it comes to solving a problem because it’s the first thing that comes to mind. You would choose to pick the wrong way about solving a problem because most of the time you be so furious you don´t stop and actually think before acting. You think the first thing that comes to mind is the right way to go about something.   What you should try to do is resolve problems the mature way. When you do it this way it makes things run so much smoother, unless you are dealing with an ignorant person. If that happens you should continue to hold your composure. When you can look at a person and tell that they don’t mean any good you should just stay out there way, to save you the trouble. To other people it will make you look like you have some self control. Thinking is crucial when dealing with a problem. If you ever come to a point in life where you have a big argument or complication with a person, y´all should work together to come to a understanding. You shouldn’t hold grudges, they will get you nowhere in life. The average person’s life span is decreasing everyday because all of the violence that’s going on but with that being said it would hurt you even more when a person has passed and y´all aren’t on good terms. You might ask why would it hurt more and it is because you will carry that burden of not resolving the problem. If you can have a nonchalant mindset, the less the actions of other individuals won´t really bother you. Some people in this society walk the earth just to cause people a hard time, they don´t know why they do it they just do it. There is a popular saying that goes like ¨ sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me.¨ What it is  saying is basically saying if a person isn’t physically hurting you by putting their on you then you shouldn’t let it get to you. People will bother you will the day you die so it is better to not care about what people think, say or do. So to get my point across, what am I trying to say is you should solve all problems the responsible way, if you doing it that way it will make people respect you more. If you always pop off when a problem occurs it will make people not want to be around you. Just remember you should always stop and think what is the best way to approach the problem then you should act on the problem.