Everyone if I save regularly, I may not borrow

Everyone should have personal
goals that evolve around anything that needs to be accomplished. Considering
all things, I decided I needed to focus on my college education. The first
thing I needed to accomplish was to enrol in an institution for higher
learning. Now that my enrolment is complete, I am an official student at Dublin
Business School in Ireland and enrolled in the undergraduate program for
accounting and finance. As a student at the university, I now must set personal
goals so that I will be successful in my endeavours.


My first personal goal that I wish
to achieve is to have a fit body and gain weight by 10kg in 3 months by eating
right and do some simple exercises either in the gym or in house so that I can
be healthy, fit and energetic. I need to keep a log for my work outs, what I
did for exercising per week, as well as what I am eating and drinking every day.
I will reach this goals by following a schedule of exercises and to eat healthy
food. I will do exercises twice in a week and double up the amount of what I am
eating since I want to gain weight and to have a fit body at the same time. I
will achieve my goal in the next 3 months.

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My second personal goal is to be a
saving person so that I can reward myself in the future. Since I am a student
whom studying abroad and I am not under any scholarship, my family will
transfer money once in 6 months. I should measure this by disciplining myself
to pay off my debts to my friends for lending me their money. I will save money
up to €250 per month for myself by cutting unnecessary expenses such as make
up, clothing, decoration stuffs and the list goes on. I have a thought that if
I save regularly, I may not borrow money from anyone else again and I will have
enough savings until I begin to earn. This goal is more like a long-term goal,
so I will keep it on track every month to save for retirement (Engines, 2012).


My third personal goal will be
decreasing my stress level. I realised that I easily get stressed over a small
matter such as having an acne problem in my face, constant worrying about
nothing, sleep too little, inability to concentrate in everything I do and most
of the time is when I am feeling lonely. I will reduce stress by reducing
exhaustion through improving my sleep patterns so that I have seven hours a
night after 3 months. I will less worry about acne since there is a research
saying that stress can make acne worse (HaasWellnessCentres, 2013). I will eat more not
too release some stress only but I also needs to achieve my first goal as
mentioned above. I will also spend some free time with exciting activities with
friends so that I will not become a loneliness person.


My final personal goal is to have
an amazing healthy skin. I have been dreaming all my life to have a flawless
skin without doing any plastic surgery as others did. I measured my goals when
I am having breakouts or when my skin is in poor condition which made me lose
my self-confidence immediately. To achieve this goal, I need to maintain my
skincare routine every day. I need to remove makeup before bed since falling asleep
with my make up on along with dirt and pollution will clog my pores and lead to
inflammation and breakouts (Bender, 2015). Instead of only
taking care of my skincare routine or removing make up before sleep, I also
need to control my stress level, have enough sleep, and have a healthy
lifestyle because this will indirectly affect my skin condition. As a skin care
products do not change your skin condition over a night, I was hoping to look
forward for my skin to get better, clearer, and healthier day by day.

For my professional goal, I have
been decided to divide them into two parts which is career and academic goals. My
first professional goal is as an accounting student, I would have been dreaming
and wishing further my career at any big four company such as Deloitte, Ernst
& Young, KPMG and PWC here in Dublin. I want to go on at least 3 interviews
in the next 4 months since I will be finishing my degree by the time as well so
it would be much easier. As for that, I want to land a job or a trainee position
in any accounting or audit firm 4-5 months from now. Within one year, I want to
be able to have attended to a seminar and learned about accounting standards
and help to stimulate the field. I hope that I will be hired within 4-5 months
from now.


My second professional goal is, I want
to complete my studies which I am currently on a final year degree in
accounting and finance and I will successfully continue pursuing ACCA as well
in 2019. I measured this by being committed to my study routine every day. I
need to find my own learning methods which work for me because I believe that
each person in this world has his/her own learning method which will work for
them the way they wanted. I need to achieve this by build extensive notes for
each topic, stay focused and avoid distractions (Leyden, 2014). I know that I can
improve my grades from time to time if I stay focus. I will try my best to
complete my degree and ACCA by 2019.


My third professional goal is to
have a good presentation skills. As a student, we will have a lot of
presentation to present in front of our classmates and lecturer. I will improve
my presentation skills. I will train myself every day in front of a mirror to
see my body language movement and my face reaction as well. All these
initiatives are to be completed by May 2018. Based on these efforts, I will be
more proactive in discussing issues with team members and problem will be
resolved efficiently which will ultimately lead to less pressure for my group.


My last professional goal is to
start a new business. Instead of doing one job as an accountant in the future, I
have found other interest within myself which is to create a new business using
an online business of my own by selling beauty products, healthy products,
shoes, clothes, and so on. I will do some basic step of starting a new business
by registering a company’s name, creating my own business website, and sending
flyers to others. As all these action goes by, I would like to achieve this
goal in December 2020. This will have made me becoming a very dedicated person that
leads to be a very successful young entrepreneur.


In conclusion, setting up a goal
in life is a must for every person in this world because setting a goal will
not only going to further with my life and career goals, but I strongly believe
that it will help me grow to be a better person as well. The important of
having a goal is the key to what kind of person are you going to be. Goals are a simple
way of bettering ourselves which is a part of human nature, no matter what
we do. Therefore, it is impossible to ignore.