Everyone but angry in the same time because I


has a big challenge to face. Mine was shyness and lack of confidence. I have
been shy for as long as I can remember. In elementary school, I had a hard time
making new friends and only spoke when I was asked to. I remember, all the time
I will pick a nice hiding spot in the back of the room, not to be in the front
of the teacher. I rarely ever initiated conversation with kids that I didn’t
know. Because of this shyness I always went unnoticed and blend in the
background. No one saw me. I was very sad and alone, but angry in the same time
because I knew this is not the person I am or I want to be. I am a very caring,
hard working, respectful person. I love playing and watching sports and love
listening to music which helped me a lot through the tough times.

I got sick of it. I decided I had to do something about this. I was in 10th
grade when things began to change. I started participating in after school activities,
going in trips with school.  I chose
honor classes that require more involvement and project presenting. I also
started doing volunteer work at my neighborhood library. In my junior year I
joined MSD DECA, which was the best decision I ever made, and probably will
remain one of the best for the rest of my life. DECA wasn’t all about competition
and learning skills in marketing and business management. It was also about
simple things like: making new friends, participating in class trips. DECA
truly change me like a person and change my future too. It helped me overcome
my shyness, believe more in myself, and build my self-esteem. It has also influenced
my decision to go to college and study Hospitality and Marketing and hopefully
work in this industry one day. DECA taught me a good set of life skills and how
to do a job interview. I just had my first interview at Walmart store in my neighborhood,
and hopefully I will get a summer job.

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            It took
me couple of years with countless experiments and tons of failures and set
backs, before I overcame my shyness and built my confidence. At times was
painful and damaging to my ego and self-esteem, but I always kept going. I didn’t
want to give up. Through my new found maturity