Everyone Also, Make un effort and ask for help

Everyone in life want to be successful in all part of their
lives (educational, personal, and professional) and this become more difficult
during time, especially in today’s world where the distractions potential that
occurs all around us, and the competitive environment. In my opinion even all
these distractions, if you need to achieve a goal you should go after it and
work hard to achieve it, and this include the education. Students must work
hard to achieve the success they want and should have a lot of characteristics
and qualities that help to improve their results. To become an excellent student,
you should have these traits. first of all, if you need to achieve something
you need to be proactive, hardworking, and take the initiative by participating
in class discussions, asking questions, and taking understable and organized
notes and review them often, show curiosity by demonstrating interest in the
class and the subject by making thoughtful comments. Second, be attentive in class,
concentrate on staying focused and avoid distractions such as phones and
talking with friends, because being attentive mean being respectful and polite
to others. In addition, a good student must be organized and well prepared,
developpe a long-term study plan to help himself acquire more information and good
academic skills. Also, time management, the student should learn how to be
punctual and well organized by organizing their materials and assignments which
helps them to develop the habit of judging time to do assignment and tasks in
time. Also, Make un effort and ask for help when they need it, have a good
study habits and positive attitude try to do the best, set goals and be
motivated to achieve it , and the most important be responsible, respectful and
patient .In conclusion ,a good student should have a package of good qualities that
help them to achieve goals and be successful not only in school but in entire