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          Every time you, in yourprivacy or in a public space, brag about the specific issues and struggles ofyour daily life, most times, in some kind of a competition of who’s the mostmiserable or unlucky, do you sometimes stop and think that there may existsomething bigger than all of that? A bigger picture who inherently causes those struggles inorder to hold us back? What is it that’s holding us back? Could it be thesystem? Could it be even ourselves?        That guy over there, heclaims that he wants a better life quality for his children. Is he really fighting for thatpurpose by just voting for a “different” political party each 4years? Isn’t he perpetuating the system promoting inequality while at the sametime protesting about it? History shows us that whenever actual changeshappened, there was always popular violence towards a reactionary ruling systemin its core. Are you ready for violence? Are you ready to actually fight forsomething? Or are you going to hide in the commodities that alienates you every dayfrom reality?        Raises one fist It istime for us to put an end to this. Let’s, once and for all, put aside ourdifferences and singularities, unite as one, and make them tremble with fear.