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Even up to the present day, there has been a constant struggle for basic Civil Rights for minorities in the United States of America aka. “The Land of the Free” for many years. Malcolm X, a very well-known Muslim Minister, was a powerful leader during the Civil Rights Movement. He gave a speech titled, “The Ballot or the Bullet” that attempted to change Black America for the better and stop the exploitation of African Americans. In his 1964 speech, “The Ballot or the Bullet”, Malcolm X tries to bring African Americans together by appealing to their emotions, appealing to logic, and establishing his credibility in order to create Black Nationalism. Malcolm X attempts to bring African Americans together to create Black Nationalism by appealing to their emotions. Malcolm X used a plethora of strategies to aid him. Malcolm X talks about how being black in America is. “…trapped, trapped, double-trapped, triple-trapped.” Malcolm X repeats himself to get his point across. He is telling his audience that they are weak without each other and won’t accomplish anything if they are separate. Malcolm X’s Black Nationalism also gets supported through this. If every black person came together then they wouldn’t be “trapped” because ideally no one would be able to use them. Malcolm X’s diction also played a key role in helping him. When describing how African Americans role in America, X says words like “mislead, lead astray, or deceived” to create a sense of hopelessness. This again contributes to their support of Black Nationalism. Malcolm X attempted to create Black Nationalism by attempting to use his audience’s emotions in his favor.Malcolm X appeals to his audience’s way of thinking to strengthen his movement and gain their support. Malcolm stated in his speech, “… you were born in jail, in the North, as well as the South.” The treatment of African Americans were the same throughout America. However, the North wasn’t as open about it as the South. X explained that people from the North were in the same boat of those of the South. This too help support his movement because he’s telling his audience that they are all the same. Malcolm X also uses allusions that are directed towards Martin Luther King. Malcolm X talked about how “the government has failed us” if they have to sing “We Shall Overcome” in order to gain freedom. During the time, singing protests were being organized. Malcolm X wanted his audience to think that if they need to sing to achieve freedom then