Euthanasia patients who are suffering from great pain and

Euthanasia is the practice to end the life of individual
with or without his consent to relive pain and suffering. Euthanasia is the
practice which is very debatable all around the world whether to allow it or
not. As life of individual is sacrificed we must consider all the factors
before legalizing the practice. There are many pros and cons behind the euthanasia
issue. Suppose a person who had spinal cord injury and got burned severely due
to an accident. But he survived 90% burn injury and now he is suffering from a
great pain and demanding euthanasia for himself. So whether he should be allowed
to sacrifice his life due to huge pain and he has to live rest of his life on
bed due to spinal cord injury or he should be denied to practice euthanasia
because world is developing new technologies rapidly and treatment of his
problem can be invented any time in future. Let’s discuss what can be pros and
cons of euthanasia.

Pros of euthanasia:

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1.     Euthanasia should be allowed for the
patients who are suffering from great pain and have no hope to get revived.
Because only the patient can understand the real suffering they are facing and
if they are not able to handle pain then they should be allowed to assisted

2.     Resources which are put on the person
demanding euthanasia can be put on the person whose disease has chances to
cure. Thus lives of other people can be saved.

3.     To relive the sorrow of relatives and
family members of the patient as they see their loved one dying daily. So
instead of making them die daily they should make them die once through


Cons of euthanasia:

1.     No-one has right to take the life of
anyone. Human life is very precious and committing suicide is against the
nature. Euthanasia practice is against the every religion of the world.
Everybody must fight against the adversities they face throughout their life
till their death.

2.     Doctors are meant to save the lives
of patients. Thus how a doctor can take up the life of any person rather he
should treat him so that he can recover soon from the pain. Also everyday new
technologies and technique are developing all around the globe. There are
chances that treatment of certain disease also develops by which patient
demanding euthanasia is suffering. So suffering can be relived from patient’s
life in near future.

Euthanasia can be used for negative purposes.
Suppose there is a mentally ill person and people around him want to get rid of
him. So they can direct the doctor to practice euthanasia on him. Also mentally
ill persons are the ones who mostly demands to sacrifice their life.