Ethics model is modeled in this case but two

Ethics and business means that
professionals must hold a standard of moral and ethical duty to their obligations
and duties. In this case the ethical issue is male privilege and the rise of
the gig economy. What is gig economy, it is an environment in which temporary
positions are common and companies contract independent workers for short
periods of time. Male privilege is a prominent issue in the workforce and is a
disadvantage to women in the workforce. The issue of male privilege coincides
with the issue of sexism and how men are favored more than woman. Sexism is an
issue on the grounds that it is morally wrong to treat one person better than
another let alone one-person base on their sex. I believe not just one ethical
model is modeled in this case but two is, Utilitarianism and deontology.

Utilitarianism is the act that any action are the only standards of right and
wrong. This case shows this ethical model by the actions of the businesses showing
sexism and favoritism towards males over females. It is wrong to treat one
gender lesser than the other. The other ethical model in this case is
deontology. Deontology is the study of the nature of duty and obligation. I
believe this is shown in this case because business individuals that show a
sense of duty and obligation to their job, should not be wronged and

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The pertinent facts of this case are that sexism is morally and
ethically wrong. A code of ethics is obtainable to pilot the actions in this
case. A company code of ethics sets the companies values, ethics, objective and
responsibilities. An industry code is where principles of honesty,
professionalism, and confidentiality consolidate to support the professions
success. Professional code is the moral benchmark for professionals around the world
playing little mind to job title, social difference or neighborhood laws. The
companies code of ethics in this case should highlight the value of their
employees, ensure that they act with integrity and respect, and place the
interest of the client above their own. The company’s industry code in this
case is where the professionalism of the employee to client is seen. For
example, where Schneider inadvertently used Hallberg’s email signature in his
messages to the client and the client’s tone was rude until he mentioned to the
client that it was him and not Hallberg. The companies professional code should
be fair and ethical across the bar. All employees should be held at the same
standard and with that those who outperform other colleagues whether male or
female should be given the same opportunities of promotion and respect.