Esther joint tenancy because of tax. She paid all

Esther was Wife and Robertwere Husband. They married in 1943.

When they married, they had already 4children in previous marriage. Husband had workedfor almost 34 years after marriage. However, he drank so much and lost his jobin 1970. Fortunately, he received disability pension by government from 1973. Wife worked 16 years after their marriage. She had various jobssuch as housekeeper, children helper, etc. finally she got the job at the localhospital.

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She asked him to have her separate bank account and Robert agreed withher request. She paid her separate money for her family expense. Finally, hebought a house with $17,500 in San Rafael in 1963. When she bought the house,real estate agent told her that she had better buy with joint tenancy becauseof tax. She paid all costs such as loan, tax, repair cost, etc. Husband didn’t contribute about the house and instead told her thatthat’s her house.  The value of housebecame $167,500.

They divorced in 1977. Husband asked to share the house. He filed a suit.

Trial Court ruledin favor of Esther. Husband appealed.