Enterprise Architecture Essay

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References & Annotations

Aziz, S. (2011). Enterprise Architecture: A Governance Framework – Part II – Making Enterprise Architecture Work within the organization. Infosys, 1(1), 1-9.

This source rightly links business strategy and information technology strategy with enterprise architecture being the center of both. This document is a white paper generated and crafted by the authors as part of an effort by InfoSys. The benefits touted in the document included easier sharing, less time to market, lower development costs and the sharing of functional components.

Brooks, T. (2014, December 2). Enterprise Architecture Governance: A Framework Approach | Architecture and Governance — Strategic IT Planning and Enterprise Architecture. Retrieved December 2, 2014, from http://www.architectureandgovernance.com/content/enterprise-architecture-governance-framework-approach

This report gives a step-by-step approach to enterprise architecture governance. Steps include figuring out life cycle phases, mapping of governance roles and developing metrics. The steps involved are commonsense and straightforward enough to be understood but are also deep and thorough enough to be effective.

ECA. (2011). EA Policy & Procedures for the Multi-Lateral Agreement. European Cooperation for Accreditation, 2(2), 1-37.

This is the document of a collective known as the European Cooperation for Accreditation. They take individual standards and assess them based on equivalence and compatibility. The European nature of the publication might be short-sighted given the existence of Australia, the United States and New Zealand (just to name a few) but this can be helpful to at least Europe (mostly) and other areas (to a lesser extend).

Hazra, T. (2014, December 2). Leveraging Metrics for Enterprise Architecture Governance | Architecture and Governance — Strategic IT Planning and Enterprise Architecture. Retrieved December 2, 2014, from http://architectureandgovernance.com/content/leveraging-metrics-enterprise-architecture-governance

A high-level overview of how to establish and uphold enterprise architecture governance and standards. There is a nice flow chart on the first page that shows the general pathway from business drivers to business value delivery. Best practices and tips are offered along the way.

Leganza, G. (2003). Project Governance and Enterprise Architecture Go Hand in Hand. Giga Research, 1(1), 1-6.

Starts off by offering the position of the publisher (Giga) and then goes into recommendations pertaining to project governance as it pertains to enterprise architecture and the affects that project governance can have on the same. Four basic but fairly specific recommendations are presented.

NCC. (2005). IT Governance – Developing a successful governance strategy. National Computing Centre, 1(1). Retrieved January 1, 2014.

Another Europe-bound treatise about enterpriseā€¦