Education teacher. As, a teacher I will always take


Education is like a lamp. It lightens up the way to lots
of opportunities. Now every country in this world is doing their best in
making the education system more effective and advance. I believe
that education plays a vital role in any country’s development.

Education makes the student
to think critically and made decision for their
lives. It makes the future generation to compete in global
market. As they learn different Languages, Science and
Mathematics. Education leads to skilled workforce that contributes
towards various mandatory fields like medicine, engineering, research
and army. Therefore, I think every education system should pay
attention on major education policies, a teacher’s role, and
what should be taught and by what methods.
A curriculum of any schooling system has incredible importance according to
me. I personally believe that, in spite of languages, science, mathematics
and social studies. Every schooling system should include some
moral activities, courses for personality development at secondary level and
Sport sessions. This can help students
in achieving their goals more significantly. It also gives a
chance to the students to find their interest
in different fields during their schooling.
After the major policies of education, it is the teacher’s responsibility
to carry along them. In my opinion, a teacher should be energetic and
passionate about their profession. It is a great responsibility
to be a teacher. As, a teacher I will always take care of
classroom setting. The environment of the classroom should be innovative
and interesting. It the place where student spends their important
learning time. So, it should be in a way
to make students comfortable and willing to learn.
Students should always have a chance to communicate with the teacher in the
classroom and after the classroom. I believe in arrangements after the
classroom for students to share their problems. All the students should
get some feedback from the teacher on routine
basis. So, the students can have better idea
of their limitations. Instructors should
inspire them by suggesting them in different ways
and make the students to do their fullest. Teachers
should be motivating, as I believe each student has a different caliber of
learning, so it is the teacher responsibility to teach them the right way to
tackle with their problems.
To recapitulate, Education acts as a confidence booster
as it prepares children to live in the society
confidently and helps to enhance their knowledge of their surroundings and
major subjects deeply which will be very beneficial for their upcoming
future. It helps to make their future and dreams
secure. In this all process teacher plays a very significant role as they put their
complete effort to guide their students in their studies as well as moral

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