Education considered knowledge as vital element for the growth

Educationplays a critical role in good living and growth of everyone’s life. If everycitizen of the country is well educated then the future of the country isbright. Excellent education system helps in upgrading the country and takes itto the peak of success. In simple words, education is vital in every area toget success in the life.

Education is the base for good economic system and fora better citizenship.Ensuringproper basis in Indian Education System has been a headline for planningcommission committee. In last few decades, there have been various steps takenby the government like ” The Right to compulsory primary education act in 2009″,”Reservation Act”, and many more. The education system of India is right now isunder renovation. The government aims in increasing thegross enrolment ratio from 15% to nearly double 30% at the end of 2020.The IndianEducational System has enormous potential for growth. Indians have always consideredknowledge as vital element for the growth and development of society.

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FDI willrejuvenate the Indian Educational System through forming an alliance withexisting institutions and generation of funds for innovative programs. TheIndian Education System gets a very small portion of the total nationalresources. FDI will solve problems related to scarcity of funds. It would help in setting up the institutes with highlevel of infrastructure in India and will improve the state of primary,secondary and higher secondary schools in India.Foreign Professors stocked with high practical knowledge can be allotted toshare their quality experience with Indian students.

As a result the educationsystem could work towards coming at par with education provided in foreigninstitutes.  Tilldate several Indians enrolled in schools and universities do not have access tobasic facilities such as sports grounds and libraries. Lack of space andresources have contributed to the gloomy state of Indian Educational Sector.Broken benches and lack of blackboards are some of the problems which are beingfaced in many Indian educational institutions. FDI can have a huge impact onthe future of the Indian educational system.  Private and public fundershave their own constraints. Private funding tends to be concentrated in urbanareas and lucrative fields such as management.

Public funds are limited whichmakes it difficult for state and central governments to maintain the vastnumber of Indian educational institutions. Major concern for India is thedecrease in number of people returning to the native country for education.Migration of people has become a threat and to overcome this problem and arrestthe flow of funds to the foreign countries it is feasible for the government topermit foreign universities to set up their campuses in India.FDI ineducation sector will increase the number of institutions and ensure greateravailability of opportunities to students. It will provide greateropportunities for efficient and effective utilization of improvedinfrastructure. This will further lead to competition which will help inimproving the quality, innovative curriculum development and subject expertise.

The access to latest technology and infrastructure will improve the growth inthe research and development.With FDIin Indian Education Sector it will initiate the opportunities to have access tomany educational institutes of international standards in India. This willbenefit the youth as every year a lot of students used to migrate to abroad topursue higher education. With the educational institutes having internationalstandards in India, it will reduce the number of students migrating for pursuingEducation. Getting educated in home country will be better for studentsemotionally and financially as a lot of students considers for loan as anoption to pursue higher education in abroad.