early all had a communication disorder and they weren’t

early language strategies so that they can help facilitate their child’s speech and language development during play, reading books and during daily routines.I remember in primary school where one of my friend use to be called dumb and constantly tease because he didn’t talk like the rest of us in the class, the teacher will place him in a separate desk by himself because his speech was not clear he would always stutter and sometimes his sentences won’t make sense, she had a meeting with the parents and quickly realized that his parents were the same way, his parent were uneducated and had little to no knowledge themselves so from being home and around his parents he picked up the same speech pattern and now reading this chapter I realized the my friend and his parent all had a communication disorder and they weren’t diagnosed.As I am a teacher to be i may not have much experience in the classroom but I learn a lot from just reading and researching, Children vary in their development of speech and language. There is, however, a natural progression or “timetable” for mastery of these skills for each language.

The milestones are identifiable skills that can serve as a guide to normal development. Typically, simple skills need to be reached before the more complex skills can be learned. Communication skills are at the soul of life’s experience, particularly for children who are developing language perilous to cognitive development and learning. Reading, writing, gesturing, listening, and speaking are all forms of language – a code we learn to use in order to communicate ideas.

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As future educator we all need to contribute in helping student overcome speech and language disorder, Whether it is teacher to student, teacher to teacher, teacher to parent, student to student, teacher to admin or admin to parent, communication is needed to make sure our students are successful in the future.