Drugs and it hurts the common good in a

Drugs is a big thing inside the United States and outside the United States. One thing we should do is try and combat drugs with the Bureau of International Narcotics and Law enforcement affairs(I.N.L).

One reason is establishing justice. The laws have to be fair and reasonable. The drugs being tossed around the countries are still illegal, and it hurts the common good in a bad way. Another one is to Insure domestic Tranquility. Which is having peace at home. Having peace at home is big key with drugs.

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People are actually killing others over drugs. And sometimes some will even kill authorities to try and get away, because they don’t want the drugs to be compromised. The last one is worth of the individual. Which is your presence and worth has to be respected by others. When someone smuggles drugs in the country, we have to punish the crime. But they are still humans that are doing something they should not be.

Drugs have been around the world for sometime. And many people have decided they can make millions of dollars of selling it and smuggling it in into other Countries. The Bureau of International Narcotics and Law enforcement Affairs are trying to fight the world wide problem with drugs.  The main thing is to minimize the entries of drugs into the United states. They also try to counter crimes in the United States. Not only do they do these things. They “help prevent drug-related Gang recruitment.” Also help and try to stop the flow of illegal money .

The issues that led to this being created was a huge drugs and crime rate. Another drug policy is the DEA, they try to stop smuggling within the U.S. Overall the INL & DEA do what they can to stop the drugs and keep it from spreading world wide. One social science perspective is political. The I.N.

L. takes a stance on the illegal drug trade on both security and public health perspectives. Some of the things they try to do is sustain drug prevention. And keep people from overdosing and getting addicted.  Another way is they help the countries that really need it with, reducing the “illegal drug productions” happening around that certain area. One good thing is, they do not only deal with drugs. They deal with crime related to drugs and gangs. For example, like the Mexican cartel, and other gangs as well.

A second social perspective is economic. Many of the drug dealers make a ton of illegal money. “The United States’ war on drugs is tremendously costly- not only in terms of money spent.” There’s a lot of supply and demand for the drug industry. “The demand curve slopes down and the supply curve slopes up.”  The thing about the Drugs, it will never go away, because sometimes it’s someone’s monthly payment money.

Or sometimes, it is what puts food on the table for some. Overall drug economics is pretty much illegal money that’s being passed around by dealers and buyers. The policy and stakeholders. A stakeholder is “a person with an interest or concern in something, especially a business.”  One thing that benefited nations was the legalization of Marijuana. With this being legalized, it can stop more illegal drugs being smuggled around.

It also boost their Countries economy. According to Nick Lindsey. “One report found that cannabis coffee shops alone make more than $3 billion dollars a year”.  These benefits help the economy and help people find jobs.

   Drugs is really big deal in the U.S. and outside of the Country. This matters because drugs affect most things. Like other countries, people and the economy. And the illegal drugs being smuggled is affecting the economy because they are not taxed.

Also the money from drugs is just circulated mostly by getting more drugs to sell.