Draft the people to use their own vehicles and

Draft Project Chapter 1. Executive Summary Project charter is defined as thedocument that specifies the key objectives and aspects of the project (Cooke,Tate & Cooke, 2011). 2. Project justification and purpose Hyderabad is the fourth populatedcity in India and with a population of 10.8 million the city is currentlyfacing with severe traffic issues. The absence of good public transport hasforced the people to use their own vehicles and the number of vehicles is halfthe city’s population which is causing severe air pollution, traffic jams andaccidents related to traffic issues. The purpose of this project is to build ametro rail system for Hyderabad. This project is highly required by the city inorder to ease the traffic woes of the citizens and also reduce the pollutionand number of accidents related to traffic jams (Puppala, 2017).

3. Project Management Approach The project manager will beleading the project and will be collaborating with the Project steeringcommittee. As this project is a Public-Private Partnership infrastructureproject, the steering committee will comprise of both government officials andprivate entrepreneurs. The project is divided in several sub departments asshown in the organization breakdown structure below: 4. Project Objectives·        To plan an efficientmetro rail system for Hyderabad.

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·        To complete theproject within a span of 4 years, within the prescribed budget.·        To decrease the fuelconsumption by 2 billion per year and thus decreasing the pollution by 50%.·        To plan the metrorail system in a manner that it decreases the transit time for passengers by30-50%. ·        To reduce the numberof road accidents in Hyderabad. 5. Project ScopeThe project scope will includethe construction of: ·        Building the metrotunnel for the specified route. ·        A metro railway track(Metro line) with platforms at six key stations namely: Nagole, Mettuguda,Ameerpet, LB Nagar, Miyapur and JBS. ·        The platform willcomprise of a passenger information station and a LCD transit map which will becolor coded.

·        The platform willalso have several stalls which will can be rented to stores and shops.The project scope does notinclude:·        Metro Rail coachesconstruction itself – It has to be noted that that the scope of the projectincludes only the construction of platforms and metro rail lines. But, themetro rail coaches will be imported from Germany. The import formalities willnot be included in the scope of the project. This will be done by the projectsponsors. ·        Hiring of humanresources of the functioning of the metro rail system.

6. Project Milestones Number Milestone Target date 1 Project team gathering completed 31/2/2018 2 Designing of the metro rail system completed 31/7/2018 3 Completion of survey and handing over the project land 30/9/2018 4 Traffic Diversion from the project site completed 31/10/2018 5 Casting of Spine Beans completed 2/2/2019 6 Construction of Precast Cantilever Beams completed 8/5/2019 7 Casting of Cantilever Beams completed 12/11/2019 8 Construction of Diaphragm wall including permanent and temporary plunge columns as retaining structures 5/4/2020 9 RCC Slab construction completed 12/9/2020 10 Completion of Tunnel Construction 18/5/2021 11 Completion of architectural works matching the structure 20/8/2021 12 Electrical and mechanical works completed 31/12/2021  7. Project assumptions·        Permits: The metrorail construction project will require several legal permits and it is assumedthat the steering committee has obtained these permits as it will not comeunder the scope of project manager’s work.·        Resources: It isassumed that all the resources required for the construction will be obtainedeasily from within Hyderabad and in case any resources need to be transportedfrom a farther place, the supplier will be able to do it. ·        Project benefits: Theproject will be able to realize all the benefits mentioned in the justificationof the project such as reduction of traffic accidents, pollution etc.

8. Project constraints·        Scope: The projectshould be completed within the prescribed scope·        Schedule: The projecthas to be completed within 4 years and all the milestones should be achieved bytheir target date. ·        Cost: The project hasto be completed within a budget of $5 billion AUD.9.

Project Risks ·        Legal Risks: Thereare risk of accidents in construction project and these can lead to legalrisks. Moreover, the construction should comply by the legal standards of thecountry and also the environmental standards. Not implying by it can lead toproject stoppage.

·        Political Risks: Asthis is a partly government funded project, there is a risk of politicalinterference hampering the project progress. ·        Internal managementrisks: The project can be at a risk of scope creep. Also, there can be a riskof conflicts and poor communication among the project team and also poorcooperation from the steering committee leading to confusion and delays in theproject.