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Dr. King main point in composing the Birmingham letter is that, racial isolation, or foul play to the African American culture, is because of the ceaseless consolation of the white American culture, especially the capable groups in legislative issues and religions. Dr. King guards his point all through the length of his letter, and the contentions that he has made to demonstrate that his theory is valid and substantial will be the concentration of this logical analysis. This letter was viewed as the start of the Civil Rights Movement. The way that MLK had gambled such a great amount to have a letter composed on an old daily paper be snuck out of prison and into the general population eye demonstrated that he genuinely needed change. The need to be heard open the eye of the government that MLK wouldn’t stop his dissents until the point when he got what he needed, racial justice. MLK could have been rebuffed considerably more to smuggle a letter out of prison yet that was not an evident cost to him. Without King composing this letter in light of the ministers, the Civil Rights Movement could have taken a long time. Without the letter, general society, and white individuals, did not know how devoted MLK was to accomplishing his objectives. The Letter was a success because of his use of ethos, logos and pathos.Martin utilized ethos to fortify his perspectives in the letter. Ethos is used to show morals, and it is a methods for persuading somebody regarding the character or validity of the persuader. MLK stated ” When you take a cross- country drive and find it necessary to sleep in the corner of your car because no motel will accept you”( Martin Luther king). This line exhibits ethos since this is his own understanding of being isolated. This support his motivation since he isn’t permitted in certain area due to his skin color. Martin cited Bible verses and stories, so he can show to the Clergymen that he is righteous and a sacred man. Martin stated, “So I am Compelled to carry the gospel of freedom beyond my own home town. Like Paul, I must constantly respond to Macedonian call for aid”(Martin Luther King). Although he proves his righteous nature to the pastor, he additionally shows his intelligence. He does as such by citing from numerous verifiable figures, for example, Abraham Lincoln and Socrates, and also numerous other understood pioneers and reformers. Martin Luther King used logos in his letter to birmingham. Logos is an interest to rationale, and is a method for convincing an audience by reason. Martin conveyed “We diligently urge people to obey the Supreme court decision of 1954 outlawing segregation in the public school”(Martin Luther King). This discussions about a particular certainty the Supreme Court chose in 1954. This help his motivation since he faced isolation, much the same as the Supreme Court did when they prohibited isolation in public school. Another kind of enticement to logos is more verifiable. It requests that perusers see into the displayed realities. In citing an older African American lady,”My feets is tired but my soul is at rest”(Martin Luther King), Dr. King makes such an interest. He specifies that her statement is syntactically mistaken, stressing her absence of knowledge and his consciousness of such. Why attract awareness to this information? To bring up that even the uneducated know and sense the greatness of the bad form of isolation. Dr. King uses pathos to appeal to the emotion of audience in his letter. Pathos is an interest to feeling, and is a method for persuading an audience of a contention by making a passionate reaction. For example Dr. King conveyed about his daughter “…….and see tears welling up in her little eyes when she is told that Funtown is closed to colored children” ( Martin Luther King ). This influence the audience to feel terrible for his crying little girl who is being isolated. This support Dr. king’s motivation since he is shielding his girl and demonstrating to her to make the right decision. Dr. King tries to put people into the shoes of African American individuals by giving striking portrayals of the trials they have been experiencing and summon sympathy in their souls. Dr. King stated “When you have seen vicious mobs lynch your mothers and fathers at will and drown your brothers and sisters at whim” This declaration raises an issue each culture has expected to look into, end of life. The lose of life in the American culture is one that is related with misfortune and misery. Dr. King carefully forces this misfortune on the shoulders of his white audience influencing it to show them the torment the Black American individuals have been handed.