Don between Don Quixote and King Arthur was the

Don Quixote and King Arthur were fundamentally the same However, were unique from each other. A similarity between Don Quixote and King Arthur was the nobility they depicted throughout both of their stories. They both were sympathetic and considerate to people who surrounded them. Don Quixote was just an average citizen who became a knight, which can be seen as noble position in a story. Similar to Don Quixote, King Arthur was also just an average citizen prior to becoming king, both of these figures came from similar backrounds: average civilians.

Don Quixote no longer is acknowledged as a savior when he begins attacking anyone who in Don Quixote’s eyes seems like a threat.This simply supports the fact that Don Quixote is naïve, in light of the fact that, when Don Quixote saved a small boy from his master, the master makes a guarantee that he will never abuse the young man until the end of time. Lastly, Don Quixote also commits larceny by stealing a barber’s basin which Don Quixote believed it was mythic Mambrino’s helmet.

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However, these two characters are divergent from each other. King Arthur’s objective is to fulfill his kin and substance, when he is confronted with conflict by Mordred he doesn’t attack rather he chooses to make a peace treaty. Had King Arthur been like Don Quixote, he would have assaulted his foes without thinking about the results, as he would have trusted that he was a risk to his wellbeing.