Discrimination asked her grandfather, he said no and also

     Discrimination is a known problem throughout this world. It could be someone’s race, the way they dress, the way they talk, etc. “The Stolen party” is a story about a girls life that she experience that changed her view on society. The “Scholarship” is about a girl who earns a jacket because of her grades. Originally for free, but something changes and then she has to pay for it, if she wants it.      First, One of the similarities is money. In”The Scholarship” Marta had been a straight A student since the first grade. Her school had a tradition whoever had maintained the highest grades for eight years was awarded “The Jacket”. The jacket was “gold and green” and had a big S on the left front side and your name also written in gold letters on the pocket. Couple days later the principal called her to the office. He said “there’s been a change this year regarding the Scholarship jacket, as you know it’s always been free”. This year the board has decided to charge fifteen dollars. He avoided looking her into her eyes because he felt so guilty. She says “I’ll talk to my grandfather about it, sir, and let you know tomorrow.” WHen she got home she asked her grandfather, he said no and also said “If I pay for it, Marta, it’s not scholarship jacket, is it? Tell your principal I will not pay for it. The next day she told her principal and the principal felt bad because she earned it, so without paying for it she got it for free.      Second, “The Stolen party” it’s about a rich girl and a poor girl. The poor girl is friends with the rich girl and got invited to her party and her mom disagrees with her going. The poor girl finally got her mom to let her go to the party. The mother didn’t want her going to the party because the girls party she was going to they was rich and she didn’t want no one making fun of her and plus the mother did not like that. The mother told the poor girl if someone asks, “you say you’re the daughter of the employee; that’s all.” and also added “and proud of it”. The rich girls mom asked Rosaura to help pass cake around, and she dd, also at the end of the party she got money.      Lastly, One of  the differences is settings. “The Scholarship’s” setting was at her school. When the poor girl wants the jacket she is suppose to get for her grades. “The stolen party” setting is at a house. Where a rich girl has a birthday party, and invites all her family and friends.