Digital father of marketing automation and Robert Kestenbaum went

Digital Marketing
Trends to Watch for 2018 and Beyond



Marketing – Its historical perspective

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Digital Marketing
also known as ‘online marketing’, ‘internet marketing’, ‘web marketing’ in
simple terms can be defined as the marketing or promotion of the products or
services/brands using digital technologies across broadcast channels such as
internet, digital devices such as mobile, communication gadgets, display
advertising or any other digital medium. The historical origins of digital
marketing can be traced back to early 1980s when computers became sophisticated
enough in storing huge volumes of customer information.


introduction of database marketing software in 1986 led to the capability of
storing of large volumes of customers personal/financial information. Together
with Robert Shaw – who is known as the father of marketing automation and
Robert Kestenbaum went on to develop database-marketing solutions for BT and


explosive growth in revolutionary marketing technology in the 1990s with the
introduction of Customer Relationship Software or CRM – then called Sales Force
Automation or SFA automated the features of database marketing providing
companies with more useful customer information. The launch of Google is a
historical breakthrough in digital marketing arena as it introduced Google Ad
words in 2000 that led the marketers to see the efficacy of their campaigns and
make better decisions for optimization and in tracking their Return on
Investment or ROI.


marketing automation in the early 2000s enabled marketers to launch
multi-channel campaigns, segmenting their audiences and in serving up highly
personalized content and was the first technology built by marketers for
marketers that was rooted in digital.


evolution of social media platform such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn,
Twitter, Instagram etc in 2002 and later part of this century revolutionized digital
marketing allowing the companies or brands in receiving both positive and
negative feedback from their customers 24/7 in addition to determining what or
which media platforms works well for them.


Digital Marketing Trends to watch for in
2018 – Analysis


marketing has come a long way having embraced the technological and digital
innovations of the 21st century with the new trends entering the
market place. The major digital marketing trends that will shape up the digital
marketing arena in the coming decades include the following five major trends
such as-

intelligence or AI & Behavioral Marketing will work together –

With artificial intelligence
in place, machines will start making strategic marketing decisions and as such,
the software will analyze data to build segments, start and stop campaigns
across various channels to create custom copy that will target the perceived
personalities or clients. The advances in AI and behavioral marketing in 2018
and beyond will allow companies to effectively engage with their customers.

Marketing – Video in demand, on demand

Good video content on social
media such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube will dominate with 65% of
marketers preparing to increase their budgets for mobile ads to focus more on
video campaigns. Statistics do show that 90% of Twitter video views and 60% of
YouTube views are now from users on mobile devices.



Targeting Strategies

With the General Data
Protection Regulation (GDPR) in place, it will be more complicated for ad tech
vendors to track user behavior with cookies. As such, audience-targeting
strategies would be taken over by contextual targeting strategies and it will
be mandatory for digital marketers to understand what each page context is all
about for targeting and branding.

conquering the digital marketing arena

With the improvements in
Artificial Intelligence or AI, more and more brands are working on using
chatbots for customer support and as such are perfecting their chatbots
marketing strategy. About 60% of consumer chatbots interactions are centered on
customer related questions and it is estimated that by 2020 85% of customer
interactions would be managed by chatbots.

Marketing –

As per the Google reports
20% of mobile queries are voice searches and that number is going to increase
in coming decades with consumers getting used to asking Siri, Alexa and their
smart fridge for insights on what to buy. Therefore, digital marketers need to
prepare these types of searches and advertising in other non-traditional
marketing arenas.

Therefore, now it is time
for digital marketers to imbibe the above-mentioned trends that are heavily
influenced by new technologies, platform evolutions, and improvements to succeed
in the field of digital marketing.