Depression life by using dark imagery to describe his

Depression can be onset with sudden
changes in personality. Keyes explains the absence of happiness in Charlie’s
life by using dark imagery to describe his spiraling depression, caused by his
advanced intellect. Keyes, in Charlie’s voice, writes “shadows out of the past
clutch at my legs and drag me down. I open my mouth to scream, but I am
voiceless”.  The harrowing description of
Charlie’s emotions allude to his progressing depression. Charlie feeling like
he is being “dragged down” and “voiceless” perpetuates the idea of unhappiness;
as he is being squandered by his intelligence. A research study, conducted by
Mensa, found that “intelligent people
with “hyper brains” are more reactive to environmental stimulus and that
may predispose them to certain psychological disorders as well as physiological
conditions.” Depression is widely recognized as a psychological condition.

The study supports the reason of Charlie’s depression as the cause is his amplified intellect. Charlie further
explains “the feeling of cold grayness everywhere around him…surrounded by
no hope…the feeling of living death—or worse, of never having been fully
alive and knowing”. Phrasing his sentences with words like “cold”, “grayness”, “no
hope” and “death” establish a sense of misery in Charlie that was nonexistent before
his surgery. Charlie using sad words showcases his unhappiness with life as his
sentences are missing words like “excited”, “happy” and “friendship” that he
used before his surgery. The final straw indicating Charlie’s depression arises
when he considers “suicide to stop it all now while he is still in control.” The
contemplation of suicide showcases the severity of Charlie’s mental state,
since he is unable to cope with the surgery that he underwent. Charlie is no
longer grateful for his intelligence but rather miserable, because it impacted
his life, that was once happy, negatively. Thus, the cause of his depression indicates
that copious amounts of intelligence leads to dolor.

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