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Definitely it is more difficult to learn English than Spanish, because the logic of the motherlanguage responds to geographical and family contexts where a person is born and I was notborn in an English-speaking country, nor my parents know English.Something that impresses me as a native Spanish speaker and as a English student at the sametime is the position of the adjective, in English if the adjective is not before the noun it isconsidered a grammar mistake and English Native Speakers will not understood the phrase,while in Spanish if the adjective is placed before or after the noun, in any case the phrase willbe understood, even though the sense of the phrase will change depending on where theadjective is placed.English is a language in which the words are not pronounced as they are written, while inSpanish the words are pronounced as they are written, this constitutes a great challenge for aSpanish native speaker, because the capacity to pronounce better in English will depend onthe ability to understand better the different accents of English native speakers from differentcountries.In English we have the phrasal verbs whose use must be practically memorized, otherwisepeople can make mistakes in their daily use, when they write or speak.Another issue that is very difficult to perfect when a Spanish native speaker person writes inEnglish, is the correct use of punctuation marks, because its use in Spanish is 60% differentfrom English, especially with the use of commas, colons and semicolons. My teacher fromAcademic One once said "that the Spanish native speakers sigh and write a comma" andthinking about she said she is absolutely right.For all these reasons English is a difficult language to learn, but it will be even more if afterhaving studied it at an Academic level, people do not read or listen films, videos, etc. inEnglish, summarizing … it will be more difficult if a person stop practicing in order to continuehaving a close and daily link with this language.