Dear necessary resources. · Employees’ participation in identifying solutions.


Dear Colleagues,

Workplace health
and safety incidents hurt workers and their families, and they cost businesses’
capital better invested in growing their business and enriching jobs, in this
regard we are pleased to announce the pre-launch
of “Prepare and Prevent initiative – Think Safe, Work
Safe & Be Safe”, the initiative was kicked off in November 2017 and emphasizes on reviewing our Occupational safety and health practices
for compliance and effectiveness.

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This new initiative has several


Emergency and Evacuation Plan – Completed

Occupational Safety and Health Training – completed

First Aid Training – Starts in Feb2018

Civil Defense training – Ongoing

Safety Posters and Banners – Ongoing

Preparation Drills – Starts in Feb2018

Occupational Safety and Health Committee Creation –

Occupational Safety and Health representative assignment
– Completed

Occupational Safety and Health Record Keeping – Started


By identifying
and controlling the job-related hazards that can lead to injuries and
illnesses, safety and health initiatives improve businesses’ safety and health
performance, save money, and improve competitiveness.

There are three core elements for the success of this


Management commitment
to establishing, maintaining and improving the program continually, and
provides any necessary resources.

participation in identifying solutions. Improved worker engagement is linked to
better productivity, higher job satisfaction, and better worker retention.

and employees examine the workplace, proactively and routinely, to identify and
address hazards before they can cause injury or illness.

More information will follow as we proceed with this

Thank you for your cooperation and Support,