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Dear Post-16 team,I am writing to apply for the role of both Head Student and Dynasty Leader. I believe this would be a great learning experience for me as it will push me out of my comfort zone as well as being an enjoyable experience. This role is a demonstration of the school’s abilities, and I feel as ready as ever to take on these responsibilities.The opportunity presented by this role is very interesting, and I believe that my strong points will make me a worthy candidate for this position. The key strengths that I possess for success in this position include: •    Being an effective team worker•    Having an outgoing personality and being able to talk to anyone•    Ability to multitask and manage my time effectively Ever since joining West Island School in 2012 I was taken aback by how amazing the school community and atmosphere created by students and teachers in West Island, whether it be dynasty events, sports events, assemblies or even during break and lunchtime.

Ever since my first assembly where I was first introduced to the Student Leaders, I was amazed by the idea and emphasis of student voice and how the Student Leaders act as a bridge for the students and help voice out any of the students’ suggestions or concerns. I would describe myself as an outgoing, approachable and confident character, who can manage time effectively in order to balance school life along with other responsibilities. The role of a Student Leader is without a doubt one of great importance, and is not someone who is more important than the rest of the year, but someone with the ability to work effectively within a team and yet still demonstrate leadership, along with that, it requires the ability to inspire your peers and those around you, whilst equally set an example to the younger years.

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Being a Student Leader would mean a great deal to me because I had always looked up to the previous Student Leaders and had admired all the innovative ideas they came up with, ever since then I wanted to contribute further to the school just as those remarkable students did. I recognise the seriousness and challenging nature of this role. Having spoken to teachers as well as previous members of the Student Leader team, I am excited by the challenge that this role presents and cannot picture a more rewarding way to end my final year at West Island. As much of a challenge this may be, I am willing to take it on as I have never been one to cower from a challenge, for example taking on Chemistry as a second science in IB when it wasn’t naturally one of my strengths or even when being predicted a D in GCSE English and finishing the course with an A*. Besides challenging myself academically, I also like to push myself in sport and like previous years, I have taken an active role in the WIS sporting community, representing both the Cricket and Tennis teams. This year, I was privileged enough to be named as captain of the tennis team whilst being a crucial member of the cricket team. Being assigned these roles really helped me develop into an effective leader and team worker as each role asked something different from me. One role required leadership qualities whilst the other required me having to work alongside a team and that team’s leader, which is similar to that of the Student Leadership team.

Playing these two sports has helped me develop and learn more about what it is to be in a team and work as a unit. Tennis being an individual sport has taught me how to be accountable for my actions and figuring a way out when isolated on the spot, and being captain of the team has taught me how to bring out the best of myself with my attitude and actions to help motivate, encourage others and further help them grow. Cricket, on the other hand, being a complete team sport has helped me understand how to be a team player along with using my strengths to complement others and use others strengths to help me and our fellow teammates. In playing two competitive sports, I have experienced numerous high moments and plenty more low ones, which I am thankful for, because if it wasn’t for these low moments then I wouldn’t be the person I am today. Being able to bounce back from a defeat or an injury is what really shows commitment, dedication and grit. Over the last six years that I have spent here, I have come to understand many things including responsibility, hard work, commitment and confidence. When I look back on my six years here, I can’t say the entirety of it was easy.

From initially falling back in classes to broken friendships, I have encountered many challenges. Enjoyment is a key element in the experience of school or any place as a matter of fact. I believe that if you are happy in the environment you work in and enjoy what you do, then you will naturally work harder in it, whether it be school work or extra-curricular activities, which equally both contribute to creating a well-rounded student.

I would try my hardest to make sure that all members of our school community are equally as important as the other and that they enjoy themselves here at West Island so they can shine, because at the end of the day, like the other 1199, I am a student too. I believe I have always set an example and continue to do so; I am caring, approachable, determined, ambitious and most importantly, genuine. I appreciate the time you’ve taken to read my letter and look forward to hearing from you soon.Yours Sincerely,Amaan Ismail