Dear Admission committee, It’s my pleasure to recommend Aya

Admission committee,

It’s my
pleasure to recommend Aya for your program. I’ve known Aya since grade 10; I’ve
been her physics teacher. Aya showed keen interest in both Math and physics;
her aptitude and passion has always impressed me. I should especially mention
the feature of Aya, which stimulates her in her studies – Aya is an extremely
curious person. She has a habit of asking herself (and others) how the things
work that’s why she is always dedicated to physics and astronomy. It doesn’t
surprise me that she is one of our top students and one of the best physics
students I’ve encountered in my whole years of teaching.

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In grade 10,
Aya was my assistant at school for the qualifications she possesses. I recall
the day before the practical exams when she stayed after school in the school’s
physics laboratory helping me setting the equipment needed for the test. She
has conducted the required experiment more than 15 times to make sure that all
the tools are working properly. What I appreciated the most about Aya was her
eagerness to help her colleagues. She is a humble person who never refuses to
offer help for anyone struggling. It was clear during the time she gave for
orientations and after-school courses that she organized for students of all grades.

Aya is a
member of the ASC: Ain Shams University Astronomy Club, which inspired her to
start the school’s physics club –Physitoopia. Besides, I’ve witnessed her
creativity during her preparation for the Breakthrough Junior Challenge video
on Quantum mechanics. The topics, which she discussed with me before deciding
what topic to base her video on, have shown the well-roundness she
demonstrates. Although Aya knew nothing about video editing, she was persistent
to teach herself from the scratch. Eventually she was able to get into the
competition and here video was selected to be of the best 20% videos all over
the globe.

Aya used to
come at her breaks to the laboratory and start applying or discussing whichever
highly-advanced topics in physics with me. Her knowledge about Quantum
mechanics, general relativity, and even Bohemian mechanics while she was still
in grade 10, gives an insight of her intellectual capabilities and how her mind
exceeds her age; this explains why she had the opportunity more than once to
participate in programs offered for college students.

For a high
school student to take the whole introductory MIT physics courses 8.01 and 8.02
and read advanced book like A brief history of time and Serway, I didn’t
hesitate being Aya’s instructor for the physics Olympiads this year, and I
believe that she will be of the top-ranked participants both nationally and

Seeing Aya’s
serious yearning for further education, persistence and striving for purposes I
think that she will realize her huge potential and inevitably obtain excellent
results in her future scientific career. I recommend her without reservation.


Dr. Mostafa
Amin Radwan

Physics Teacher

Ismailia High School

[email protected]