Dating the world of psychology. Ivan Pavlov was a

Dating from modern times all the way back to the time ofearly Greek philosophers, the field of psychology has continued to explain thereasoning for how people think, act, and feel on a day to day basis.  Psychology is defined as the “science of behaviorand mental processes.”  Ivan Pavlov, JeanPiaget, and Sigmund Freud are three important figures in the history ofpsychology.  They have each left a greatimpact in the world of psychology.            Ivan Pavlovwas a Russian psychologist that was born in 1849.  He was known mainly for his development inthe concept called the conditioned reflex, also known as classical conditioning.

  He discovered this concept through a seriesof experiments that he had conducted. Through the experiments he trained a hungry dog to salivate at the soundof a bell, which previously was associated with the sight of food.  He came to a realization that when continuouslysounding a bell right before he placed the food in front of the dog, the dogwould then associate the bell with food, and would then salivate with the soundof the bell.  In addition to this, evenwhen sounding the bell alone with no food, the dog would still salivate.  To reverse the effect, the bell would besounded multiple times with no food in sight and would then not associate thebell with food anymore.  He was awardedthe Nobel Prize for Psychology or Medicine for his work on digestive secretionsin 1904.                          Pavlovused this experiment to show the reasoning for why people react to certainevents in a particular way.

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  He showedthat the way to prevent a specific behavior, the person must learn to disassociatethe occurrence with the stimulus.  With thisconcept, Pavlov stated that people behave psychotically due to the concept ofconditioning.             Pavlovleft a lasting legacy and throughout his life was respected in Russia and aroundthe world.

  He continued to pursue histheories until his death, in the year of 1936, and his ideas and findings havehad a lasting effect until this day.  Thework that Pavlov had done has influenced the way people all over the world perceivetheir learning processes, their behavior, and most importantly themselves. Inmy opinion, I believe that the concepts of Pavlov’s discoveries is a logicaland practical way to avoid negative habits and obtain positive behaviors.