Dating countries. Along with urbanization, cities need to improve

Dating back to the industrial revolution, people have
sought themselves to bigger cities, in hope to live and create a better life. As
populations increase in bigger cities as well as in suburbs, urbanization
naturally correlates with advancement of civilization as well as technology.


As there are many advantages with urbanization, as it
may increase the quality of life, political, cultural and local economies, this
is not always the result. As with most things in life, planning is a crucial
part. If urban planning is not put to action in a strategic way, unforeseen
consequences may alter living conditions, affecting them to the worse. Nevertheless,
if urban planning is implemented strategically, benefits are plenty.

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On the bright side, urbanization provides a more
diverse economy as well as advancing business sectors. More jobs are created
and modern institutions recognize the importance of good and service that are
provided in rural areas, and create business opportunities that empower growth
in the rural areas. An example would be farmers from rural areas that can come
to the urban areas to sell their goods.


Another benefit with urbanization is that it may
increase tourism which in turn provides foreign currency inflows to the cities
or countries. Along with urbanization, cities need to improve transportation
systems and infrastructure, something that attracts more tourism.


A great downside of urbanization would be the decrease
of rural population. Again, I will use the example of agriculture – a decrease
in rural areas will result in a shortage of farmers and workers who can produce
agriculture. This may result in solid waste production since the demand of agricultural
products will increase in the cities.


Another downside that might come along with urbanization
is overpopulation. As immigrants and civilians flow into the cities, pressure
is put on housing, water facilities as well and sanitation.


Overall, urbanization is great as long as it can be strategically
planned and prepared for different consequences that may occur in the society.