Dating an experience, it’s scary, and it’s nerve-racking. Most

Datingis hard, but there are some tips and tricks that can make the whole thing alittle bit easier. Ifyou want to know how to make that special someone fall head-over-heels, i gotyou covered. Staytuned to find out why you should always wear something fluffy when meeting withyour crush. Youmight be surprised, as to why this simple trick works.

Dating Tip 1: Try newexperiencesDatingis an experience, it’s scary, and it’s nerve-racking. Mostpeople these days have turned to dating apps to help them meet new people. Fromtinder to bumble, it’s like a new dating app pops up every day. Butchances are when you use these services, you aren’t going to find many peoplewho want serious relationships.

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Whenyou meet a person on an app, you have no idea how they are in person. Youhave nothing to connect with, other than the fact that you both have the sameapp downloaded on your phones to ensure that your date goes a bit smoother. Tryto meet people in another way. Joina recreational sports team. Thatway you know that you at least have one thing in common, or you could tryjoining a club that interests you. Bymeeting on common ground, even ensure that the two of you have at least onesubject to talk about, which will inevitably lead to more lively conversation. Meetingpeople this way, also takes away some of the stress of a first date. Youalready know the person from your club or sports meetings.

So,there aren’t as many first date jitters as there are when you are meeting astranger off of an app for the first time. And,it is a much better story to tell your kids looking back that you met yourhusband at a kickball practice rather than my swiping right, isn’t it? Dating Tip 2: Let yourfriends set you up. Ifyou’ve tried going out to bars to meet people then you know what a battlegroundthat can be, everyone in the room is looking for someone. Butmost guys, they aren’t actually looking for anything serious. And,if you do meet someone you like at the bar, you run the risk of having the sameproblem that you would, if you had met them on an app. Youdon’t have anything to talk about? Here’sa pro tip to skip some of that awkwardness. Letyour friends set you up with someone. Then,they have already done all the pre-screening for you.

Byletting a friend, match you with one of their friends, you avoid all theweirdos out there. Yourbest friend isn’t going to send you out on a date with the person that you havenothing in common with. Isshe? Probably not. So,as far as the compatibility scale is concerned you were much more likely tomesh then with a stranger that you picked up at a bar or on tinder. Yourfriends have your best interests at heart. Yougo to them for help in picking out outfits, why not dating help too. Justtry it once, and i promise this will become your go-to method of dating.

Dating Tip 3: Don’t smokeWhenit comes to dating and choosing a mate, smell is of the utmost importance. Afterall who wants to be with someone, if they have to plug their nose. So,if smell is so important, then it pretty much goes without saying that smokingon a date is a no-no. Totest this theory out, over 1,000 members were surveyed.

Theparticipants included smokers and non-smokers. 57%of those surveyed said, they would never date a smoker. What’seven more surprising is that, 60% of smokers even had reservations about datingother smokers. Ifyou are a smoker, then it’s probably best to just keep your habit at home andnot interrupt your date for a smoke break.

Notonly is leaving to go smoke quite rude, but it is also apparently a very bigturn-off even if the other person smokes. Theystill may not want a partner who does. Withthat being said, it’s probably best if even just in the beginning of therelationship, you either try to cut down on the smoking, or quit altogether.

Itwon’t just be good for your dating life, your lungs will also thank you, andall your clothes will smell ten times better. Andlike i said, that could just make or break your potential relationship. Dating Tip 4: Don’t asktoo many questions Whengoing on a date with someone, it is important to get to know them. You mustmake sure you aren’t sitting across the table from a serial killer or a guywho’s already in a relationship.

Naturally,when we are trying to get to know someone, we ask lots of questions. Wellstudies have actually shown that asking too many questions on a first datecould actually backfire on you. Researchersat Stanford university wanted to test what made dates go well, and what madethem tank. So,they analyzed almost 1,000 4-minute speed dates. Theyfound out that, if you asked too many questions, your date may not like you asmuch as they normally would. Thestudies show that the couples who asked more questions during the date feltless connected. Accordingto the author of the study Dan McFarland PHD, asking too many factual questions,like where the person is from, and what their hobbies are, actually makespeople feel detached. Basically,it makes a date feel forest.

So,when you want to get to know someone, ask them a few questions and then justsit back and see what happens. Givesthem a chance to talk, before you just go down your list you want to ask. Ipromise, the other person will thank you. Dating Tip 5: Don’tpretend to be uninterested Somewherealong the line, people started getting the idea that, being uninterested was agood thing. Noone wants to seem too excited about anything these days, like it’s cool to benonchalant. Butwhen it comes to dating, playing it cool could actually have adverse effects. Accordingto research published in the personality and social psychology bulletin,responsiveness and niceness increase how much people are attracted to you. Onestudy tested 112 single college students, who are told to discuss a recentnegative interaction with a stranger of the opposite sex.

Theyrated that person’s responsiveness and attractiveness among other things. Thewomen did not necessarily rate the more responsive guys as more attractive, butfor men it was the complete opposite. Theywere more attracted to women who seemed responsive to them. Ifyou are on a date and would like to go on a second one with that person, it isprobably in your best interest to make that clear. Pretendingto be uninterested in him, will come off as rude and cause him not to inviteyou out again. Afterall, who wants to sit through a lunch with someone who isn’t paying them anyattention, or some selling at them. So,when it seems like your date isn’t getting the hint that you are interested,you should make it clear, and tell them.

Dating Tip 6: Tell avulnerable story Whatmakes you want to turn a first date into a second, or third? Theconnection that you have with the person, right?Lookscan only go so far. Beingattracted or attractive to someone is only enough to secure first date. But,from there your personalities need to match. Thebest way to get someone to want to see you again, is to form some kind oftangible connection with them.Standout from all the other people that they are seeing, by letting them get to seeyou for who you are. Oneway to do this is by telling some sort of vulnerable story.

Didyou go through a hard time that made you grow as a person recently, maybe tellthem about it. Now,you don’t want to get too deep and dark. He isstill a stranger after all. But letting people in is a great way to build arelationship.

Youwill know that you have done a good job if they share something with you inreturn. Don’tbelieve that this trick works? Justtry it out on your next date. Picka story that you are comfortable sharing and go for it .I canalmost guarantee that, this will lead to another meetup.

Dating Tip 7: Get him tohold coffee Whenit comes to wooing the opposite sex, there are a lot of tips and tricks thathave been around for decades. Makeeye contact, smile at him etc. ThoughI’m about to give you a tip, that I can almost guarantee that you have neverheard before. Ifyou want a guy to see you as a warm person, get him to hold some hot coffee.

Seriously,according to Ruud Custer’s, a psychology professor at Utrecht university in theNetherlands, when you get someone to hold coffee, or other warm drinks, theywill see you as a warm person. Therule also holds true with cold drinks. Ifthe person is holding something cold, they may unconsciously see you as colder.

Warmerrooms are likely to have a similar effect. Ruudsays, that if the environment is hot, the guy is more likely to think that youwere hot. Apparently,when we have certain words like hot and warm in our heads, we begin toassociate them with the people around us. Meetingup with your crush in a warm coffee shop, seems like the best of both worlds. Ifthe guy you like has some personal vendetta against coffee, then just try tosteer him away from dates, and colder areas, and you should still be fine. Dating Tip 8: Be touchy So, I’vebeen talking about connection and how important it is to form one with theperson that you want to date.

Butif you don’t feel comfortable sharing your deepest darkest secrets with themjust yet, then rest assured. Thereare other ways to build that intimacy that you want. Psychologicalstudies have shown that, being touched by someone will unintentionally increaseliking for that person. So,when you are out with them, make sure to touch them whenever possible. Forexample, if they make a particularly funny joke, reach out and slap theirshoulder lightly while you laugh. Or,if they are telling a story that you find touching, pat their shoulder or rubtheir back.

Nowof course you don’t want to seem creepy. So,you should probably try to gauge the reaction after every touch. Dothey seem annoyed, that you are touching them? Ifnot, then keep it up. Thisis a great way to determine if they like you and show interest in them at thesame time. Italso starts to unconsciously form a bond between the two of you which isexactly what you wanted all along. Tryit out on your next date and let me know how it goes in the comments.

Dating Tip 9: Wearsomething smooth or fluffy So,we have mentioned how important touching is. Itcreates an unconscious bond between people, but what you might not have heardis how important it is for you to look touchable. Astudy in the science journal, found that people respond more to smooth orfluffy things. Inthe study, participants were asked to put together puzzles with a partner. Theparticipants reported, that the process went less smoothly in situations, wherethe puzzle pieces were covered in sandpaper.

Thisphenomenon has to do with word association again. Whenyou are looking at scratchy or itchy things, you start to put those feelingsonto the person with you. Youcan apply this knowledge to the dating world by making sure, that you don’twear things that look like they would be irritating or unpleasant to touch. Tryputting on a fuzzy sweater, or a nice silk blouse, both of those materials feelgreat against the skin.

Youcan also use this trick to shape your environment. Don’tgo on a date to places with uncomfortable chairs. Tryto go somewhere with nice fluffy couches, and a warm inviting atmosphere. Ifthe person you’re dating is going to associate the room with your personality,then you should always pick a room that shows how you want to be reflected. So,cozy restaurants are always a good choice.

Dating Tip 10: Don’twear too much makeup Mostgirls love makeup. Thereare so many fun products to try out, and new applying techniques are popping upon YouTube every day, how could you not love it. But,when it comes to getting the attention of a guy, it might be better to go alittle bit lighter on the contour. St.Ives conducted a study of 1,000 women and 550 men to determine, if men evenliked the makeup, that they spend forever doing. Thestudy found that, 40% of men think that women wear too much makeup, and 45% ofmen said that all the makeup that women wear turns them off. Themen were also not fans of fake tans.

33%of men claimed, that was a turn-off. Inthe study, the guys also said that they didn’t like red lipstick, or fakeeyelashes. Allof this just goes to show that a lot of males like women to look more natural. Thenext time you go out with a guy, maybe try skipping the sharp cat eye and thebold lipstick.

Optfor a more natural look and see what happens. Notonly will you save money on makeup, but you will save time. That’sbecause, you won’t have to go through a long arduous makeup routine every timeyou want to meet up with your guy. It’sa win-win. That’sit for 10 genius dating tips and tricks. Thanksfor reading. If liked it, don’t forget to share it with your friends and let meknow your thought in the comment below.