Contents what I love you have to first perceive


The indisrection of the beginings intro-

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Chapter 1. Is social Media for skate-
board media bad?

Chapter 2 The challenges of staying

The beginnings….

To look into why I love what I
love you have to first perceive what
i have started and go to the very be-
ginning. My Roots go deep in lots of
various different cultures of music
and scene
related things. Skateboarding has
helped shaped the way I dress, the
music i listen too and the hobbies I
have gotten into. I would read may
magazines, and watch underground
skateboard videos to get a glimpse
into something that was very intrigu-
ing to me. So “back in the day”
skate video were put out yearly with
the tricks a year ahead of what every-
one else in the world would see. So
by the time the video came out, the
pros were done and moved on from
those said tricks, and everyone had
to catch up. Now with everything
pretty much in real time, people are
able to post any tricks as it is done.
This can be amazing for someone
that you will be the first to post said

Chapter 3 Finale and the Love



Social Media…
has become a blessing and a

curse for content and what it brings
for footage. Anyone can literally post
anything about their life in literally
10 seconds of it happening to any-
one in the world. I self explained this
even if you know because to actually
explain it, its actually cool! But have
actually know it, its as we have been
jaded. We take pictures, stopped buy-
ing cameras and just use our phones
for everything. With skateboarding
coming through from a underground
VX scene, if your unfamiliar with VX
cameras, it was a go to for filming int
he skateboard industry before High
Definition cameras came out. To
kids, pro skaters, and everyone post-
ing clips all the time has the affect
of pushing out content been biased?
Are tricks becoming so insane, and
so fast to come out to the world has
it lost its touch? Are kids coming up
getting that good ? It seems to be a
2 sided opinion. The new generation
of skateboarders have a lot of new
tools that are at their disposable to
help them reach new hieghts and new

Staying Revelant…

Is the name of the game. It
isn’t about the tricks you are do-
ing, lets be honest. A many pros

have been doing the same tricks

for years, I have my shitty hard-
flip I love to do. I am not bashing
what tricks people do because
99.5% can do them better then
me. What I am saying is being rel-
evant. Skateboarding everyday no
matter how shitty your morning
was, and getting it fucking done.
Obviously injuries get in the way,
kids, wife, life, but thats what be-
ing pro is, and you find a balance.