Construction firms are able to provide the employees with

Construction is one of the biggest
industry where motivation factor tremendously impact on performance.


Many research into the
construction industry have bring to this outcome: motivation greatly impact on
performance, furthermore a huge amount of motivation consequence in a large
amount of production.

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Much reformation and
remodelling organisation have thought that to motivate employee is a big task
and have to use much time.

Motivate employee through finance:


has been considered as the key factor, which can bring employees satisfaction
in the firm and the increased performances of the employees. The managers of
the firm are required to make sure those factors are closely observed and
understood so that the company can achieve competitiveness in the competitive
market. The firms have realised that the employees’ output is very essential to
have the firm’s output increased. Therefore, efforts should be made from the
level zero. If the connection between motivation and satisfaction of the
employee is not understood, the firm may never be able to achieve better

are various methods and techniques, which are valid and are effective for the
firm related to the motivation of the employees. The firm first has to
understand how the performances are important for the company and how those can
be achieved. Once the fact is established that the output of the employees is
important, then efforts to improve them can be made. The construction HR managers’
roles are very critical and without having a strong role played by the HR
manager, performances and aims cannot be achieved. Motivation is not an easy
topic and without having the employees motivated, their performances cannot be
gained. Therefore, there have been many ways of the motivation given by the
researcher in the past. The methods adopted by them to discuss motivation were
different. The most acceptable one is based on behavioural and needs’ factors.

The author believes that if the employees’ needs are understood and fulfilled,
the motivation of those employees will increase higher and they will perform
better. Further to this, the employees must be given training so that their
skills’ level is enhanced as well which will make them satisfied from what they
are doing through better performances. The author has considered the salaries
issues as one of the main tool to motivate the employees. If the firms are able
to provide the employees with higher salaries, the motivation at higher level
can be achieved amongst the employees. 

 Motivate through opportunities:



is very important for the HR managers to provide the employees with certain
performance opportunities so that they can prove their skills and output
potential. When the training is planned and when it is provided to the
employees who need them, HR managers keep some aims and targets behind such
training planning. Those targets are to be achieved through such training which
is the main role of the HR managers. Therefore, keeping in mind, the training
is given to the employees and once they are done with the training sessions,
they are given the performance environment. The employees are going to be given
such environment so that they are able to perform in the firm what they have
learnt. The opportunities to the employees must be given so that they can
practically perform all that they learnt from the training. This is essential
for the employees to check the skills in practically and see how beneficial
they are and what is the impact of the training on their behaviour and

plays a great role when it comes to the performances and training and
motivation has been connected as the most integrated elements after this
discussion and based on the theories discussed. Therefore, firms are adopting
strong and dynamic strategies related to the employees’ motivation and their
performances so that the aims and goals can be achieved. Techniques and methods
for the achievement of the employees’ performances and motivation are different
and those different methods are adopted according to the firm’s culture and
needs. Different kinds of motivation theories will be consider in the process
so that the best and most suitable theory of motivation can be applied to the
firm for better and effective results. The performances’ evaluation can then be
done through the motivation level of these employees.

of employee is significantly important and crucial for the achievement of the
employees’ better and improved performances. If the employees are not
motivated, their performances are going to be affected. The theories of
motivation given by various authors and the studies based on the motivation
topic have discussed the influence of the motivation on the employees’
performances. Companies which understand the important of the employees’ role
in the firm’s growth are always trying their best to make sure the best output of
the employees is achieved through various methods. There are various methods
however which are adopted according to the situation provided the method is
valid and suitable, effectively applied to the firm can bring positive results
for the construction fir