Conclusion: to those who wish to start their business


To conclude, it can be seen that improvements in
literacy rate are there in the past few years, this may be due to efforts of
government such as introducing schemes, free education in government schools or
encouraging programs in universities by government. Actions are being taken to
reduce unemployment in the country such as government is introducing rozgaar
schemes and giving micro loan facility to those who wish to start their
business which indicates employment. Government is also focusing on the market
where big investments can be done to start large scale operations which would
gradually provide more employment opportunities to people.

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This study indicates that literacy rate and GDP has
significant effect on unemployment rate and rising literacy rate and GDP will
help to decrease the unemployment rate in the country. The null hypothesis is
being rejected as this study endures a relationship with variables. Therefore
PGR proved to be statistically insignificant. However, unemployment has an
increased percentage in past few years, this might be due to less operations
going on in the country, also if there is an increase in LR, people might still
remain jobless because it would create frictional unemployment in the country
because there will be a mismatch between the applicant’s qualification and job
description so he would keep searching for better job opportunity in the
country as this would lead to frictional unemployment and there will be no

Thus stability in law and order will create a better
and trustworthy market for the foreign investors to invest in the market which
would help to create job opportunities due to large scale operation and
projects. Government should also promote small scale industries which also
provide jobs to people in the country. An increase in PGR might turn out
beneficial for the economic growth if they are well trained and being provided
by more jobs so they will work more efficiently to an increase in GDP.
Government should prepare a detailed and enhanced budget for education sector
for people to get more standardized education as increasing literacy rate.
Lastly, some results can turn out unexpected, so it is proposed that further
papers should include those factors to find out the reasons for these foreseen




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