Conclusion are error and variations that made this study

Conclusion Throughthis assignment, it is learnt that there are error and variations that madethis study a challenge. But with each error obtained, corrections were made togain better accuracy in plotting of result. In other words, goals andobjectives of this purpose of study was gained and executed accordingly.

Anotherexample of such objective would be to understand the general idea of how tooperate and excel in using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). From thisproceeding, the analytical process of CFD is acquired, along with procedure ofusing CFD, importance of CFD to the world, its advantages and disadvantages andfundamental applications in engineering field of work. Fromthis study, software titled ‘ANSYS’ was used with aiding the process ofresearch.

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It is used to investigate and apply the rules in generating CFDcompliant objects. In fact, CFD is not ease of use to begin with. Though itsaid with investigating the subject of research, it is necessary to keeppracticing the ANSYS software for investigating the flow in CFD. One thing canbe proved during the simulation in the software, that is if mesh size of theobject is altered with.

A higher accuracy in the result would be obtained.However, the smaller the mesh size that was created, the needed time to run thesimulation will increase too. Which leads to a few hours or few days if themesh size is complex with weak computational power. Albeit its shortcoming,ANSYS software helps a lot in engineering field. This is because, some of theimportant information and data can get in this software before designing ormodelling something into physical form. It can help to resolve issues andchallenges of fluid acting on solid. Moreover,communication between group members had also been achieved during thediscussion time about problems that arise. So, problems were solved quickly.

Throughout this study, the speed of completing task in the group has beenincreased and the ability of each group members have also risen. Finally,this assignment helps to improve the ability of obtaining information and datain every single group members in group. One more thing is that every groupmembers also know how to write a formal report and make the report more easilyto be read by other peoples.