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Compared to the 565 000  asylum seekers in 2014, the number of newasylum seekers arriving in the EU has reached unprecedented levels.

There wasabout 1.26 million asylum applications received in 2015. In early 2016, thearrivals continued in several Member States, but the number of arrivals fromTurkey to Greece seems to have diminished since the implementation of theEU-Turkey Statement of the 18th of March 2016. According to research, 53% of asylum seekers were between 18 and 34years old, and 17% were around 35 and 64 year old, which means that around 70%of asylum seekers in 2015 were of working age. Compared to the native EUpopulation, where the share of working-age population was 62% in 2014., the agedistribution of asylum seekers as a group is relatively more youthful. Around19% of asylum seekers are between 0 and 13 years old and 10% are between 14 and17 years old.

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In terms of their labour integration and education needs, thisdifference in age composition differentiates asylum seekers from other type ofmigrants,such as economic migrants.Although this varies greatlyby citizenship, there’s evidence from some recent studies suggests that theeducation level of most refugees appears to be low and a higher proportion withlow-skills than the native. People who requested asylumin Germany in 2015, 18% said they had attended a tertiary education institution,20% a grammar school, 32% a secondary school other than grammar school, 22% anelementary school, while 7% had not attended a formal school. According to data from the2014, Labour Force Survey (LFS) ad hoc module on migrants shows that almosthalf of the working age refugees, had a low level of education (44%) comparedto little over a third of other migrants (37%) and a quarter of the native-born(27%). Similarly, refugees had a lower share of individuals with a high levelof education than other migrants (20% versus 27%) and the native-born (26%).