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COMP 500 – Advanced Operating SystemsWinter 2018Page 1 of 4Lab #1: Introduction to Virtualization and Ubuntu LinuxSubmitted By:Yashkumar patelStudent ID:10195552Due Date: 12:00 p.

m. on February 1, 2018Lab Section #: 3Submission Method: “Lab 1” Dropbox folder in PDF formatProfessor: Shem SewchandCOMP 500 – Advanced Operating SystemsWinter 2018Page 2 of 4Objectives:1. To familiarize the learner with virtualization software.2. To familiarize the learner with the installation of Ubuntu Linux Operating System.Lab Activities:1. Download and install VirtualBox on your laptop computer or use a college PC in the lab if you don’t have a laptop.

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2. Download and install Ubuntu 16.04.3 LTS from .iso file.3.

Use your full name when naming your virtual machine and as a host name when configuring Ubuntu.4. Refer to the following online resource to help you install and configure VirtualBox and Ubuntu:

Show Ubuntu running as a virtual machine in VirtualBox to instructor next lab.2. Submit answers to Lab questions below along with a screenshot of Ubuntu terminal showing the output of whoami command in Adobe PDF format.

File name for submission should be COMP500Lab1FirstName_LastName. For example, if your name is Partap Singh then your file name would be COMP500Lab1Partap_Singh.Lab Questions:Please provide your answer below each question.1. Select three icons on the Ubuntu Desktop and describe their purpose.

Ans. (1) First icon Mozilla Firefox: – Mozilla Firefox is default web browser of Ubuntu we can use this web browser for surfing internet.(2)Second icon Libre office calc: – Libre office is software which we can use to store and edit numerical data and this is very use full to make some office related document such as sales report, salary sheet, company performance report etc.(3)Third icon Terminal : – terminal is a place where we can perform different types of tasks by writing command for example we can create directory, we can set time and date etc..2. What options are given when you want to exit Ubuntu?Ans.

Two options are given when we want to exit Ubuntu which are Restart and shut down.COMP 500 – Advanced Operating SystemsWinter 2018Page 3 of 43. What is the default Web browser in Ubuntu?Ans. The default browser in Ubuntu is Mozilla Firefox.4. What program is used as a Word processor in Ubuntu?Ans.

Program which is used as word processor is Libre office writerScreenshot of Ubuntu Terminal showing output of whoami commandCOMP 500 – Advanced Operating SystemsWinter 2018Page 4 of 4Lab Checklist:? VirtualBox? Ubuntu Linux? Lab Questions? Screenshot? Correct file name? PDF formatRubric:Installation and configuration of VirtualBox /3Installation and configuration of Ubuntu /3Lab Questions and Screenshot /4Total /10