COMMUNITY Services Name of the organization or Agency: North

COMMUNITY RESOURCESBYNAYNA PATELHEALTHNorth East Medical ServicesName of the organization or Agency:North East Medical Services Address: 1715 Lundy Avenue Suites 108-116 San Jose, CA 95131 Phone number: 408-573-9686Email: [email protected] Hours of operation: Mon -Sat 8:30 AM -12:00 PM, 1:00 PM-5:00 PM Closed on SunCost of services: Sliding scale available Eligibility requirements: NEMS acceptpatients with Medi-Cal, Medicare, Healthy Kids, Covered California plans, private insurance plans, and uninsuredpatients Contact person for the organization:Telephone system for reaching to the departments you need or speak with theoperator Services Offers North East Medical Servicesfeatures various services like for Internal Medicine and Family Practice.

Children covered through various Pediatric services. Last but not least Dentaltreatments and Basic laboratory tests are available on site at affordable cost.Medication and Pharmacy services covered through nearby retailers. At NAMESskilled staff provides multilingual services to better understand patient needsand concerns. Medical devices with digital technology used at NEMS for Dentaland Radiology Department such as x-ray systems. These advancements providesincreased accuracy and patient safety which results into better turn-round timefor patient and clinical staff.

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Archiving systems like PACS (Picture Archiveand Communication System) has been used by the Radiology Departments fornavigation of X-ray images across hospitals and departments to achieve speedand accuracy.  How it helps? At NEMS patients with various medical insurance coverage can takebenefits of its services. These programs includes Medi-Cal, Medicare, HealthyKids, Covered California plans, private insurance plans, and uninsuredpatients. NEMS accepts patients served by Physicians Medical Group of San Jose,Valley Health Plan and Santa Clara Family Health Plan. At NEMS it utilizes ElectronicHealth Records (EHR) systems to digitize traditional paper records and medicalcharts. This movement is towards to the step of paperless office. EHR increasesbetterment of electronic health records and provides up-to-date healthinformation.

The EHR system that NEMS uses is secure and complies with HealthInsurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) requirements.   NUTRITIONFamily Harvest Program Name of the organization or Agency:Family Harvest ProgramAddress: 1440 S Main St, Milpitas, CA 95035Phone number: (800) 984-3663 Email: [email protected] Hours of operation: Monday to Friday 8am to 5pmCost of services: Free and participation may require to qualify for someprograms depends onparticipants need.

Eligibility requirements: low income families, individuals and seniorsContact person for the organization: Kate Wilson Service offers The ultimate goal of Second Harvest FoodBank’s Family Harvest Program is to feed additional nutritional food to beneficialand aged people. In addition to that but not limited they also provides similarservices to low-income people with children of age less than 27. Counties likeSanta Clara and San Mateo are benefited by this awesome program. The mostnoticeable program called “brown bag” provides nutrition rich groceries toshort income seniors and physically challenged individuals.

This “brown bag”program runs twice a month. A healthy growing children needs proper nutritionrich food which is delivered through Children’s Nutrition program for thechildren who are at risk of chronic hunger. Geo coverage acquired by theirmobile program which delivers fresh fruits and vegetables.

People can also buytheir choice of food and groceries at affordable rate using their EBT cardissued by their CalFresh program. This card works at most of the farmer marketsrunning near program covered areas. How it helps? Services offered by Second Harvest Food Bank coverslow-income people, children and seniors with their variety of programs. Thegoal for these services is to provide nutrition rich, free, healthy and costeffective food and groceries. This services not only provides food to remoteareas but also provides ample resources to find food assistance programs, andgain access to the resources available to them. Programs like Food StampOutreach helps eligible households within days. These services also educates beneficiariesfor nutrition, health, and food safety by organizing workshops.

  CHILD CARECommunity Child Care Council of Santa Clara County Name of the organization or Agency:Community child care council of Santa Clara County Address: 150 River Oaks Parkway, SuiteF-1 San Jose, CA 95134 Phone number: (408) 487-0749 Email: Depend upon needthey will assist the person Hours of operation: Mon-Thu 8:30am to 4:45pm,Friday 8:30pm to 12:45pm Cost of services: None for generalpublic Child Care R&R Services. Vary for Subsidized Child care and otherprograms. vary according to the income Contactperson for the organization: Alfredo Villasenor Services Offers AlternativePayment and Family Daycare Network programs run by subsidized child careprograms helps low-income peoples, former CalWorks participants and thosefamilies who needs to work or attend trainings. This help is in the form ofsubsidies provided by above mentioned programs.

Key programs like CalWORKSchild care resource and referral programs provides specialized child carecounseling and referral services to CalWorks participants participating in cashprograms. The same programs also offers confidential and free assistance. Ithelps to locate licensed family day care center and children care options.Beneficiaries of such programs are infants, preschool and school-age children.  How ithelps? SantaClara County, California has access to these services.

These provides free andconfidential referral services to the parents who are residents of Santa ClaraCounty. Parents with low income can receives services by 4C council. It offersseven different subsidized child care programs. Using these services they can paychild care service cost fully or partially based on their financial conditions.To receive these benefits from above mentioned programs these parents must meetthe specified requirements for individual program.   EMPLOYMENTThe Department of Employment and Benefits Services (DEBS) Name of the organization or Agency: Social Service Agency Countyof Santa Clara financial Assistance (DEBS) Address: Employment and BenefitServices Application Center 1861 Senter Rd.

San Jose CA 95112 Phone number: 408-758-3600Email: [email protected] Hours of operation: Mon to Friday 8am to5pm Cost of services: None for the low income family Eligibility requirements:CalWORKs recipient or be employed and have received CalWORKs cash aid in thelast 12 months.

Refer to the California Work Opportunities and Responsibilityto Kids (CalWORKs) for eligibilityrequirements for cash aid. Contact personfor the organization: At the application center they will direct you accordingto your eligibility. Servicesoffers DEBS the Department of Employment and Benefits Services is anorganization which runs Employment Assistance programs. Thisprogram is helpful to the families with little or no income. They have variety of publiclyfunded programs which benefits to the people in need if they meet the eligibility requirements.  How it helps? DEBS employment programs such as CalWorks Employment Services(CWES) program provides the job preparation workshops, job search assistance,employment counselor, job related training or education guidance. The purposeof these services is for cash-aid recipients to find a job and achieve selfsufficiency through upward mobility. The Cash Assistance Program is helpful forthe families with children to receive cash assistance if they met theeligibility requirement and also they have General Assistance program in caseeligibility requirement doesn’t match for the cash assistance.

It is Countyfunded cash assistance program which helps individual and couples who have noother means of sufficient support.   HOUSINGHousing Authority Santa Clara CountyName of the organization or Agency:Housing Authority Santa Clara County Address: 505 West Julian Street San Jose,CA 95110 Email: [email protected] Hours of operation: Monday-Thursday7:30am to 5:00pm and every other Friday 7:30am to 5:00pm Phone number: (408)275-8770 Email: [email protected] Cost of services: OwnerRents, Rent Reasonableness and Payment Standards can be found at requirements: Public housing agencies (PHA) determine theeligibility requirements by their standards depending on it Very low incomefamilies or low income families, Moderate income families that qualify willhave the voucher assistance.

Contact person for the organization: Heloise Mata Services Offers The housingchoice voucher program is the federal government’s program for assisting verylow-income families, the elderly, and the disabled to afford housing in theprivate market. It’s called the Section 8 program. It is federally fundedrental subsidy for low income households living in privately owned rentalunits. Family which is participating in this program will pay portion of theirgross income toward the rent and the agency which is helping in this programwill pay the rest of therent amount to the landlords. There are other subsidized programs too where lowincome families can get help. For that contact the PHA office in San Jose.

 How it helps? Participants in this program are eligible to chooseapartments, single family homes and townhomes which meet minimum standards ofhealth and safety determined by PHA. Depend upon eligibility sometimes familieswhich is participating in this program can purchase modest home too.