comfortably and measures 56.3″ L x 28.7″ W x

comfortably errected outside your home (outdoorgreenhouses),  and they can also be assmall as been put on top of your desk, refrigerator, table, and so on (portableindoor greenhouses). Hence, we shall consider four best portablegreenhouses available on the amazon store.  1. GreenhouseFeatures:- Measurement: 55.5″ (L) x 28.7″(W) x 76.8″(H),- Material: steel frame/ PE canopy- Product Weight: 6.

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7kg- Package Dimension: 300*175*970mm/11.8″*6.9″*38.2″- Unfold Dimension: 1430x730x1950cm 56.3″*28.

7″*76.8″- A large space constructed with 6 wired shelves– 3 on each side, and measures 56.3″ L x 28.7″ W x 76.8″ H,Description:The Ohuhu Greenhouse is one of the best portablegreenhouses created to provide the best environment for your plants to growhealthily, provide protection against rough weather conditions like rain, wind,and snow, and lets you exercise your green fingers in any place and any season.This best portable greenhouse creates the perfect conditions for growingseedlings, young plants and flowers, and it helps to extend plant growingseasons.

It is structured with durable rust-resistant tubes that will make thisportable greenhouse last through the seasons. It is a large greenhouse with 12wired shelves that allows you to place small plants, gardening tools and pots,and has ample room for all your gardening supplies or plants. It is alsodesigned with zippered roll-up door for easy access and screened ventilationfor optimum air circulation. Ideal for starting seedlings, protecting youngplants, and for extending the plant growing season.Pros:- Structured with heavy-duty rust-resistant tubesthat extends durability, and supported with a 18 weight capacity.- Designed with a zippered roll-up door for easy access and screenedventilation for optimum air circulation.- Easy Movement and Assembly