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College Football generates millions of dollars from college football players players get none of the money. College football players have more responsibilities than a normal college student , because college football players have more responsibilities than a normal college student they should get paid.Players bring in billions of dollars and get none of the money they bring in. For example from tickets alone The Ohio State University football program brings in $38,608,138. The student-athletes should at least get some type of  money to spend.      College football players work hard to bring in money for their programs.”It’s unfair and wrong to pay football players because they generate millions of dollars in revenue.

Is it right for a star football player to receive sizable salary because football brings in buckets of money while a women’s lacrosse player with a 3.9 gpa to receive minimum wage?”says the National Labor Relations Board replying to Northwestern football players.  Yes, If the women’s lacrosse player made  buckets of money for her program then I would consider her getting payed as well. If you bring in a certain amount of money you should be payed something out of the money that you brung in almost like a job having the responsibilities of school and football.     College programs makes about 871.6 million a year from college football player. The players basically have a job which is to draw attention and entertainment. The University Of Texas actually makes more than almost all the NFL teams when you actually compare what they make.

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The players get paid nothing out of the millions they make for the school/football program. They work hard all throughout the year and have to worry about making money another way when football is the most time consuming thing they have to do throughout the year.  People think of college athletes getting paid and having a little spending money as if it is a bad thing.

Everyone likes to have a little spending money , the money could also be used for textbooks and other things needed for school. Football takes a toll on athletes bodies and is very time consuming so it will be very hard for them to get a job and keep up with football and school , football careers don’t last as long as people think. College football is a big business . For example you can be the best college football player in the nation if you get injured the year of the draft and NFL team might not want you because you’re hurt or even if you get hurt a lot ,  so you can turn down millions of dollars just because of an unintentional injury , football players should get some type of pay.

Everyone that plays college football doesn’t make the National Football League , there are 1500 spots in the NFL and there are only 2% of the players from college that make it to the NFL or other professional leagues. The people who believe college football players should get paid should somehow contact the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA).Hopefully they understand the struggles of being a student-athlete and having a job trying to take care of cost of books , having physically bruising your body. They could live their lives with a long term injury which could cut down their job options. Football doesn’t last long and it’s hard to have a job being a college football player at the same time so yes , college football players should get paid.