Cody by extraordinary people and that will affect agriculture

Cody Coronado
Mrs. Moore
Change through out Time
By: Cody
There has been a lot of change in this whole world because of
agriculture. Since the time 1900 Texas had a population of
3,048,710 and at the time agriculture wasn’t as advance as is
today. The population will grow inevitably, but how fast can be
determined. Agriculture is one of the most economic money
making ways there is. Most people want money, everyone does, so
when people have kids they can make them do chores on the farm
so they can produce more materials such as cotton in Texas. Thats
a reason why the population went from 3,048,710 million people
to 27,862,596 million people. Cotton was the biggest cash crop in
Texas and still is. Cotton was first grown in Texas by Spanish
missionaries. The cotton crop in 1900 was more than 3.5 million
bales from 7,178,915 acres. So over time there will be inventions
being made by extraordinary people and that will affect
agriculture in general. Since last year texas produced 2,552,366
tons of cotton which was sold for over 3 billion dollars. There are
plenty of cash crops in texas that had little production number
that now have increased by so much such as Hay, Sorghum, Corn,
Wheat, Marijuana, peanuts and much more. They have all increased
because of inventions that have revolutionized the farming
business. From back breaking work to mostly machines doing the
Texas is just a state but if just one state has changed then the
states around it has changed as well so mostly the whole United
States. In the year 1900 the United states had a population o
76,212,168 million people and now to this day the United Stages
has a population of 323,100,000 million people. The United States
is 39th in the world when i comes to life expectancy and it has
the same reason behind it just like Texas. We have the ability to
have great invention and brilliant people to make them. The
United states is surrounded by farming as well. Corn is the
number one cash crop in the USA and has increased so much in the
past 100 years. Same with the other cash crops in the United States
The world population has grown tremendously over the past
2,000 years because everyone has been moving up in the
demographic transition graph. In 1999 the world passed the 6
billion mark and in 1900 we were at 1.6 billion. When we passed
the one billion mark people wanted to get more. Agriculture also
affected the global population growth because as all of us move
up in the Demographic transition graph we all will grown in
population. Since we are all connected to agriculture we all trade
each others materials and make alliances since we trade with one
another. But since we also make alliances we will also have to
take sides when our alliances get into stuff, we will have to get
into it and its just a chain reaction.