Client-side Client-side programming. Ø Client-side programming: · Client side

Client-side programming and Server-side programming

Whenever we want to design a web site, we use web languages.
We have two different web languages, non – programming and programming web
language. In non-programming web language, we give instructions and styles. In
programming web language we do some mathematical calculations.

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According to the roles, programming language is divided into
2 parts as below


– side.

The Primary difference between Server-side and Client-side

Ø  Client-side programming:

side programming usually deals with end users browser, the user interface
through which the user is interacted.

can also be called as a browser side script. It gets executes on the client browser
as browser can interpret client side scripts. Client’s activities or events needs
code to be executed. JavaScript and its libraries runs on the browser. The code
required to process the input is downloaded by the browser.

have different client side technologies like Java script and Flash which allows
computers to run the doesn’t communicate with server so all the code
is executed on the client machine.

Client side programming, un-necessary request is not sent to the server like
showing some error pop ups.


Ø  Server-side programming:

Server – side programming, the server will process the request and will send
response to client as pages. The entire processing is done on the server.

a user goes to some website and types in something, the browser will search on
internet if the requested website exists or not. If exists, then its searches
for specific page on server and the server searches the data base and responds
to the request through  browser and shows
the result to the user which are usually pages.

side scripts are executed on server itself. The interpreters are installed on
the server and when a script is sent to the server, the interpreter
interpreters and executes and handles the request.