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Greece and Rome


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art represents the skill of ancient Greek and Romans artwork. This name is used
to describe old styles used in art and architectural work in Rome and Greece
cultures. Artists in the early days found inspiration from the styles in the
Greeks and Romans cultures. Classical techniques are characterized by the
beauty that they portray from the simple styles utilized by artists. The
ancient Greece and Rome artwork have numerous sculptures created in the
earliest days. Examples are some of the great temples set up in ancient Greece
and Rome. This paper looks at two temples built in Greece and Rome described as
classical artwork. These temples are the Parthenon in Greece and Pantheon in Rome.

Pantheon in Rome is one of the best preserved historical monuments in the
world. Today it has a significant function to the people just as in the past.

The building was completed during the reign of Emperor Hadrian in 126 CE. The
Pantheon was initially built as a temple but now serves as a church in Rome,
Italy. The building was constructed in 118-128 AD by Publius Aelius Hadrianus
(Grafton, Most and Settis, 2010). Currently, the building is located in Rome,
Italy. Following the emperor’s usual practice of dedicating new buildings to
honor the original dedicator, Hadrian dedicated the Pantheon to Marcus Agrippa.

Also, this building has a magnificent dome that symbolizes the skilled
architects and artists in Rome. The building today allows visitors to experience
the glory of Rome in 2000 years.

Parthenon in Greece is also another recognized magnificent temple in the
world.  The temple was built in the age
of the Pericles that is between 447 and 432 BCE (Covert, 2012). It is situated
in the city of Athens on the Acropolis hill. The primary purpose of
constructing the temple was to house the new cult statue of a goddess.

Moreover, the Pheidias wanted to proclaim to the world the city’s success as a
leader in the coalition of Greek forces that had defeated Persian armies trying
to invade it. Also, building the temple was a dedication to the deity Athena
also known as the patron of the city. The architects responsible for the
designing the Parthenon temples were Iktinos and Kallikratis (Beard, 2010). The
temple was a symbol of the Greeks superiority against the foreign forces. Today
the temple remains a symbol of how superior the Greeks culture was against the
invading foreign troops. This temple was one of the best-decorated buildings in
Greek. Its roof was decorated using cedar woods, and doors were embellished
with bronze, gold, and ivory.

Parthenon and Pantheon are both temples in ancient Greece and Rome. The two
were used for the religious purpose as they were initially built as temples for
their cities. However, the Parthenon temple was designed for the goddess Athena
in Greece, whereas the Pantheon was constructed for celebrating the Roman gods
(Dierckx and Mark Twain Media, 2012). Moreover, the time in which each temple
was built is different as the Greece temple was constructed in 447-438 BCE and
the Roman temple in 126 CE. Today, the Pantheon serves as a Catholic Church in
Rome whereas the Parthenon is used as a museum.



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