Choose time of 320 AD when Chandragupta I the

Choose an empire-Han China, Gupta India, Ancient Rome, or Ancient Ghana. Evaluate its success as an empire. How do you think the empire could have been improved? How were they successful?The Gupta Empire was a powerful ancient Indian empire formed by Sri Gupta. The Gupta Empire began around the time of 320 AD when Chandragupta I the third king of the dynasty was married to the queen and began rule. He quickly began conquering neighboring regions. Chandragupta’s power and influence spread and his armies grow larger and larger. By about 303 B.

C., Chandragupta controlled the profitable Indus and Ganges River plains, as well as the region in northwestern India. Chandragupta had also gained control of Parts of Afghanistan as well.

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This was when the golden age of India began. There was a food source that was able to feed everyone so the empire was able to grow and people were able to grow. One of the reasons was because the Gupta had a strong military to protect the people.

The military used helmets and breastplates. The armies were so strong they could conquer without even fighting the other kingdoms. This shows how much influence they had on the region.

The territories on the border of the empire were kept under watchful eyes by huge armies. The Gupta Empire could have improved by keeping aside resources for war and hard times. They could have also tried to find a way to reconnect there trade partnership with Rome since it was broken because of the Huns. The decline came on Skandagupta rule.

Although Skandagupta had some military success against the Pushyamitra and the Huns, there was heavy pressure and constant war. This deeply pressed the resources of the Empire. The Huns completely took over the land. One of the reasons was they had too much land and lost hope of the people.

They started to rebel. The empire could have also limited the amount of land to the number of people. The last reason for its fall is there weren’t enough people to guard the land the empire owned.To what extent did the Silk Road spread technology, culture, religion, goods, etc.? What would have been the effects on Africa and Asia (both east and west) without the Silk Road?Silk Road was an ancient trade route that linked the West with China. The road carried goods, ideas, and culture between the three great civilizations of Rome, India, and China. Without the silk road there would never be an exchange of religion, culture and technology.Silk went westward, and wools, gold, and silver went east to China.

But the Silk Road was not just on the ground it was also on the water as well. This led people to find better ways to travel on water and make better boats. This was one of the biggest technology. When they made better ships people started to travel further and empires sent explorers to other lands. China also received Nestorian Christianity and Buddhism from India. China also had great profits from the silk road they were the only ones who knew how to make silk and the kings, queens and wealthy were willing to play anything to get there hand on it. It was also a way of spreading ideas, books, knowledge, and even news. Even though the Silk Road covered only a little bit of Africa it still had a great impact on it.

It helped the growth of one of the richest African empire, The Ghana Empire. The silk road had a very big impact on both the East and West. Without the Silk Road, the spread of anything would be almost impossible. Other empires would never work together and empires like Rome and India would never have happened. Describe what caused the fall of Ancient Rome and why it was so complex.Rome was one of the richest and longest lasting empires. For the rich Roman life was amazing. They lived in large homes they were usually on the hills outside of the Roman city.

It was away from the noise and the smell of the large city. They enjoyed an easy life with furnishings, surrounded by servants and slaves to carry out their every desire. But for everyone else, it was the complete opposite and that was one of the reasons it fell. Diocletian decided that the empire was too big to govern on his own so he cut it in half. It was cut in half from western and eastern.

The biggest part of the fall was the Barbarian attacks on Rome. When these attackers came through northern Europe, they drove many tribes to the edge of the Roman Empire. This caused the roman leader to higher taxes. This widened the gap between rich and poor. Which made life harder for a lot of people. Most people left Rome to go away from the city.

This also caused the fall in labor force. The government was very corrupt and being the empire was a dangerous job or even a death sentence. The emperor’s bodyguards and cooks would kill him if they had to this is because not everyone can be happy. They had almost ten empires in 75 years.

The reason was the reason the fall of Rome is so complex is that it was not just one factor that brought it down and some people think only half of it fell because the other half was still going for another thousand years. Roman empire was like pillars when one fell they all did. When barbarians attacked leaders highest taxes. This caused the decrease in labor forces because people left the city then they did not have enough money to play the attacker and not enough soldier to fight them of ether.