Chapter the primary source of the great joy he

Chapter IV

1.    Discuss the appropriateness of
Equality’s new name, “Unconquered.”

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Equality has escaped and gone through so many challenges without
being caught. He has repeatedly rebelled against the government and what they
were trying to tell their people to do. This most likely indicated to the women
that what he was doing was difficult and hasn’t been done before resulting in
them giving him the new name of “Unconquered”.


Chapter V

1.    Equality understands that his
invention will benefit mankind greatly; however, this was not his main
motivation in conducting his experiments, and it is not the primary source of
the great joy he experiences. Discuss.

I believe that his main motivation in conducting his experiments
was so that he could find out more about his personality and his individualism.
I also believe he did this because he wanted others to know more about
themselves and what made them all different. Equality wanted everyone to have
their own opinions and ideas, this is what he found beautiful in being
different. “A strange thought comes to us, we wonder, for the first time in our
life, what we look like.”, this quote from the book shows that now that they
have the light they will finally be able to see with their own eyes how
everyone is different; I believe this is what brings Equality joy.


Chapter VI

1.    The old locks and lack of guards
in the Palace of Corrective Detention indicate that prisoners never tried to
escape. Why not?

Prisoners never tried to escape because they were too scared of
the consequences that would happen if they did escape. Also, the Palace of
Corrective Detention never had any people in the jail cells because the people
never rebelled and always followed what the government has been telling them to


Chapter VIIm-

1.    Outline four of the Council’s
reasons for rejecting Equality’s invention.

– The
first reason why they rejected Equality’s invention was because not all his
brothers thought that a new power is good so according to the Council “What is
not thought by all men cannot be true”.

second reason why the Council rejected Equality’s invention was because he
worked on it alone and “What is not done collectively cannot be good”.

third reason why the Council rejected Equality’s invention was because it would
bring ruin to the Department of Candles which supplies candles to everyone.

-The fourth reason
why the Council didn’t agree to the invention was because it would wreck the
Plans of the World Council and that without them the sun cannot rise.

What are the real reasons behind the Council’s rejection and fear of the gift?

real reason behind the Council’s rejection and fear of the gift was that they
are afraid of what would happen to the labor of men. They did not want the
lives of the working men to get easier and such a discovery would cause an
uproar in their society.

2.    What does Equality mean, at the
beginning of the chapter, when he says, “We are old now, but we were young this
morning” (p. 68)

I believe he meant
that age wise they are old but as of that point in the chapter Equality felt
excited about something and felt like he was getting a new chance at starting
life over again because there might have been a way that he could become a
scholar and not be stuck being a street sweeper for his whole life.


Chapter VIII

1.    What is Equality experiencing for
the first time in this chapter, and what does he feel as a result?

He experiences
a sense of freedom for the first time in this chapter. He dances around and
laughs because he is experiencing something he hasn’t really ever felt before,
a sense of enjoyment in individual choices.

2.    Explain why Equality laughs when
he remembers that he is “the Damned.”

I believe Equality
laughs because he realizes how hilarious it is that he has all these new
individual freedoms and rights and he finally feels happy while he’s supposedly
supposed to be the one who is wrong according to the Council.

What does the Uncharted Forest symbolize in Anthem?

The Uncharted Forest somewhat symbolizes the areas of life that
are still a mystery today, in this book it is a symbol of hope for Equality. It
shows that there are still opportunities to getting their way to their
individual freedoms and happiness.