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Chapter 1Introduction     1.1 NeedTransportation is a major pain area for cities today. With the ever increasing load on public transport systems, it is really necessary to increase efficiency in these systems. Due to extreme traffic conditions, over-crowding and many other similar issues, public buses lack punctuality and reliability. There is a dire need to tackle this issue. The required solution should not only facilitate improvement in the services, but should also be a driving factor for increase in trust on the public bus transport systems. Reliability  in  public  transport  will  be  facilitated  when  the  traveller accurately knows when a bus will arrive to the bus stop or when will the bus reach the destination.1.2 Basic ConceptThe solution proposed in  this  paper  harnesses  the  real  time  location  of  the  buses  to  calculate the estimated time for reaching a particular position. By saving  location  data  on  the  server  along  with  corresponding  timestamps,  we  can  estimate  the  time  for  the  bus  to  arrive  as  a  bus  stop,  or  time  to  reach  a  destination,  using  services  like  Google maps1.3 ObjectivesE-ticketing systems Android tablet phones Crowd sourcing location dataIOT BACKEND ARCHITECTUREChapter 2Literature Survey2.1: Real Time Bus Position and Time Monitoring System     Many passengers are usually late to work, students are late for  classes  as  a  result  of  they  decide  to  anticipate  the  bus rather    than    simply    merely using    another    alternate transportation. A variable message shown on the web which will be real time info regarding the bus showing the time of arrival at a particular bus stop might scale back the anxiety of passengers expecting the bus. With the advent of GPS and also  the  ubiquitous  cellular  network,  real  time  vehicle tracking  for  higher  transport  management  has  become attainable. These technologies can be applied to conveyance systems particularly public buses, those are not ready to adhere to predefined  timetables  owing  to  reasons  like  traffic  jams, breakdowns   etc.   The   increased   waiting   time   and   the uncertainty    in    bus    arrival    build    conveyance    system unattractive for passengers. The time  observance and real-time bus position  system  uses  GPS  technology  alongside totally  different  application  to  fetch  knowledge  and  with code that displays the information online on with different buses  on  a  special  route  to  the  user.  When  this  info  is conferred  to  the traveler by  wired  or  wireless  media  or online internet media, they can use their time with efficiency and  reach  the  stop  simply  before  the public bus arrives,  or if the bus is delayed.  They can even   arrange   their   journeys   long   before   they   really undertake them.This will build the general public transport system  competitive  and  passenger friendly.  The  use  of personal vehicles is reduced when additional individuals use transit vehicles, which in turn reduces traffic and pollution.