Career me into his room. He asked me several

Career Research: Restaurant Management

The hotel consists of lots of departments
such as food & beverage department, front office department, and housekeeping
department. Due to my experience, I choose my future career as a restaurant
manager in depth. In the restaurant industry, there is also lots of position
such as a server, chef, and manager. It is hard to become the manager at once, and
people have to promotion from the bottom. I set my final goal as a restaurant manager
who has whole responsible for the restaurant.

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             Restaurant managers are responsible for inspecting the
efficient running and profitability of restaurants and also for supervising their
employees. Restaurant managers mostly work in the places where food and
beverages are prepared and served to customers such as restaurants and hotels. Their
average salary is 49,420 dollars, and experienced restaurant managers at higher
end restaurants can earn up to 76,940 dollars per year (Bureau of Labor
Statistics, 2017). To become restaurant manager, the minimum education
requirement is the high school diploma or equivalent. However, a degree in a
related field gives applicants an advantage in hiring. The most common degrees for
restaurant manager are Business management, Culinary arts, Accounting, and
Hospitality management. They often work evenings, weekends, and holidays
because those are the busiest time for the restaurant. The work can be hectic especially
in the big popular restaurant, and dealing with the dissatisfied customers can
be stressful.


reason why I choose restaurant manager comes from my work experience from the hotel
in Canada. When I was grade 12 in high school, I had a chance to work in five-star
luxury hotel called Shangri la Hotel
in Vancouver for three months. While I worked there, I moved to each department
in every three weeks. While I worked in each department, I had to work with the
manager at each department, and I learned many things from their experiences
which I could not get from the textbook. At the end of my internship, our
general manager called me into his room. He asked me several questions and the
most important one was ‘Which department you liked most?’ and my answer was
restaurant management. The reason was the work at there was most interesting,
and I learned the most from there. To make sure I am the suitable person for
restaurant industry I worked in the small restaurant in my hometown during
summer break. At there, I learned many skills as a server and assured that I
like to work with food. After, I choose my future career as the restaurant
manager and come to University of Nevada, Las Vegas which ranked top
hospitality course in the world (QS World University Rankings).


year, the trends of restaurant management got changed due to several reasons
especially the media and technological development. The trend greatly affects
restaurant revenue, and most restaurants that fail to follow the trend cannot
survive in this industry. These are the top five trends in restaurant
management in recent.

First of all, customers prefer local and
healthy ingredients. Nowadays, at every type of restaurant customers want to
eat local ingredients to support their communities and local farmers and also eat
food made with healthy ingredients for their health. This causes lots of restaurants
advertises about their usage of local and healthy ingredients and put the chart
of the country of origin of each ingredient in their restaurant to ensure
customer where does each ingredient come from.

             Next, increase in fair wages and tip-free
restaurants. To give a fair wage to all staffs in restaurants, restaurant
manager makes the plan such as additional service fee to the bill or fold the
extra costs into the prices of dishes on the menu.

Third, there will be a new emphasis on positive
culture in the restaurant industry. The restaurant industry is legendary for
popular chefs like Gordon Ramsay who is famous for his sharp tongue. But in
this year, management will try to remove the stereotype to embrace a more positive
culture in this industry.

Fourth, invest in new technology is
increasing. Different from the time which people only paid in cash, nowadays, people
have lots of methods for their payment. In recent, the most popular payment
method is using their phone. Because of the convenience, lots of people use it
and cannot go to the restaurant that does not support those payments. To have
more guests, most restaurants start to purchase the machine that can support
those kinds of machine (Apple forum).

Fifth, casual dining business gets
popular. With the rise of businesses like McDonald and Shake Shack, fast-casual
restaurants make new location all over the country. In Korea, new Shake Shack restaurant
opened in this year and it brought big success (Naver News).

similar career path

In a big group, restaurant manager consists
in a food services career. These are the similar career paths with restaurant
manager which requires similar skills, education, and interest. Few similar
career paths are food batchmaker, food scientist, agricultural and food science
technician and research chefs. The food batchmaker is the person who mixes
batches of ingredients to create candy, cheese, baked goods and other
mass-produced foods. The food scientists and technologists use chemistry,
biology, and other sciences to study the basic elements of food. An
agricultural and food science technician works within all areas of food
production, studying and working to improve the processes and breeding for
livestock as well as improving the yield and quality of agricultural output. Last,
Research chefs create new foods for restaurant chains, coffee shops, and food
manufacturing companies.

and Future for this Career

you like food, the restaurant manager can be the career that you can enjoy for
your lifetime. To become the successful restaurant manager, they should be
sensitive to trend and detail person. The future outlook for restaurant manager
is bright. Employment of restaurant is planned to grow 5 percent for 10 years. People
who have work experience in food service and a degree in hospitality or food
service management will get the job easily. Unless people do not food anymore, restaurant
management will never disappear from our society.