Call and very peaceful place, led by their sheriff,

Call of Heroes is a Chinese Movie that defect the struggles
of early China in the hands of the warlords in early 1900’s specifically in
1914. In that particular time the Republic of China was divided into different
power of warlords, one of them is General Cao Ling the most vicious among them.
Cao Ling is the Chinese version of Adolf Hitler; he treated everybody like an
animal and kills hundreds of people, a greed man and a thief of people’s
wealth. His son Cao Shaolun, Cao Ling’s Junior Commandant is a very wise and
murderer man, like his father he never feared to kill anybody. He was the one
who conquered the Stone city and left the city in ashes. One time he visited
the remaining city which is not yet conquered by any warlords, the city of
Pucheng. Pucheng is a big city and very peaceful place, led by their sheriff,
Sheriff Yang. Once Cao Shaolun arrive the city, he was entertained well and
served by food, without any hesitation and doubt he killed everybody in the
establishment including the chef who served him food, the teacher (Teacher Bai)
who evacuated from Stone city and his little innocent student. The guardians of
the city and the sheriff immediately arrived and arrested Cao Shaolun.
Everybody in the city doesn’t know who is the man they arrested sentenced him
to death, until Cao Shaolun’s army arrived led by Colonel Zang and summoned the
sheriff. Everybody feel nervous and even suggested to let go and pardons Cao
Shaolun’s case. With bravery and honesty to his words Sheriff Yang declined to
people’s pledge and continued his plan and did what he thinks is right. The
following morning, the force of Cao Ling’s army arrived in the city of Pucheng
and take with them Cao Shaolun,the people suffered and the sheriff was tortured
badly. Meanwhile the guardians of Pucheng and Ma Fang bravely stood against the
storm of Cao Ling’s army. They single-handily defeated Cao Ling’s army and kill
Cao Shaolun. After a while Cao Shaolu’s father Cao Ling got killed by the
Imperial army in the other city which he attempt to conquer. Pucheng’s people
live once again with happiness and harmony after that tragic event brought by
Cao Shaolun.